Is Eyen Legit or Scam?

This review is to find out if eyen is a legitimate platform or its a scam. A lot of people have come across and wants to find out if the platform is legit or just one of the scam flying around. This review would touch on everything about the eyen platform how it works, the people behind it and also verifiable proofs to confirm if the platform is legit or not.

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Eyen ( is a platform that claims to provide sustainable income to users by connecting creators and audiences. The platform allows users to watch videos and earn money in their free time. The platform claims there are a lot of creators and brands who want engagement on their content, so eyen’s job is to connect these creators with users who would watch and engage with the videos and earn money by doing so.

The Eyen company claims to have their own cryptocurrency token that’s the official currency on the platform. The “EYE TOKEN” is designed to connect people with innovation, empower short video creators globally, and create a stable additional income for everyone. The token allocation includes categories like Airdrop, Liquidity Pool, Market Makers, Community, Operations, Company Reserve, EYE-N Team, Liquidity Mining, and Development planning.

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Also users who join the eyen platform early are known as early supporters and they stand a chance to get a precious permanent NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which is a unique digital asset with the potential for income generation and creative opportunities.

How To Get Started on the Eyen Platform

  1. Create an Account:
    • Sign up for an account on the Eyen platform through the registration link.
    • Provide the required information for registration.
  2. Install and Open the App:
    • Visit the App Store on your device and download the Eyen App.
    • Install the Eyen App on your device, then open the Eyen App.
  3. Watch Videos:
    • Engage with video content available on Eyen.
    • Earn rewards by watching videos.
  4. Participate in the Community:
    • Join Eyen’s community to connect with other users.
    • Share your thoughts, feedback, and engage in discussions.
  5. Take Advantage of NFT Opportunities:
    • If you are an early supporter, explore the NFT opportunities provided by Eyen.
    • Understand how NFTs can bring additional benefits and opportunities.
  6. Stay Informed:
    • Keep yourself updated on Eyen’s developments and announcements.
    • Be aware of any new features, events, or opportunities to earn.
  7. Utilize Eyen Token (EYE TOKEN):
    • Understand how the Eyen Token works.
    • Explore ways to earn and use the token within the platform.

Ways To Make Money On the Eyen App

  1. Participate in Airdrops:
    • Look for announcements about free NFT airdrops on Eyen. Claim your free NFTs, which can be worth EYE tokens.
  2. VIP Levels:
    • Increase your VIP level by inviting more active users to the Eyen app. Higher VIP levels enable you to earn more NFT rewards and free equipment/tools daily.
  3. Mining:
    • Join the Mining Army and explore opportunities to earn daily. The secret to increasing VIP levels is by inviting more active users.
  4. Referral Program:
    • Invite others to join Eyen using your referral link or code. Earn $7.4 daily for each referral, and higher VIP levels bring additional benefits.
  5. NFT Game:
    • Explore the EYEN Game for daily earnings and free NFT accumulation. Withdraw earnings to any crypto wallet.
  6. Engage in the Eyen Community:
    • Join Eyen groups to stay updated on opportunities. Participate in discussions and follow instructions for additional rewards.
  7. Sell NFTs:
    • Explore the market to sell the NFTs you earn on the Eyen platform.

Is Eyen Legit?

Based on our review of the Eyen platform, there is no indication that it is a scam. The only cons about the eyen platform is that nobody has been able to withdraw so far. The platform claims you can withdraw after 45 days of creating your account.

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