Is Real or Scam?

About is a new money-making platform that claims to allow users make money online by performing tasks and also through wealth management. has a lot of minor tasks on its website that users can do to earn money. The various available tasks include installing mobile apps, watching video ads, etc. While for the wealth management aspect, allow users invest in a wide variety of investment instruments to earn a daily commission for a selected number of days.

Join Our Investment Group claims to be an advertising company founded in Chicago in 1873 by Daniel Lord and Ambrose Thomas as Lord & Thomas and is the third oldest advertising agency in the United States. claims to have developed a mobile app in partnership with over 100,000 internet companies like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. The company claims it is recruiting formal employees in the Nigerian market to help companies from social communication platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and other social communication platforms to promote the number of downloads in their APPs and attract more users to download their APPs. Every time it helps Internet companies increase downloads, the platform will charge them a certain fee, and at the same time pay these fees to F-level regular employees who complete the task.

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FCB claims its work has been recognized in multiple award competitions such as Cannes and The One Show, as well as industry competitions such as Echoes, El Ojo, Effies and Caples, winning the Digital Agency of the Year award four years in a row.

Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:5th November, 2023
Domain Registration Date:24th September, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:24th September, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commissionnil
Referral Commissionnil
No. of Visits618
Last Visit:54 days ago Membership Levels

  • Intern:
    • No management fee.
    • Five tasks per day, each task earns 100 NGN.
    • Internship lasts for 3 consecutive days.
  • F1:
    • Management fee: 13,000 NGN.
    • Five tasks per day, earning 100 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 15,000 NGN.
    • Annual income: 180,000 NGN.
  • F2:
    • Management fee: 32,500 NGN.
    • Ten tasks per day, earning 125 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 37,500 NGN.
    • Annual income: 450,000 NGN.
  • F3:
    • Management fee: 97,500 NGN.
    • Twenty-five tasks per day, earning 150 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 112,500 NGN.
    • Annual income: 1,350,000 NGN.
  • F4:
    • Management fee: 300,000 NGN.
    • Forty tasks per day, earning 300 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 360,000 NGN.
    • Annual income: 4,320,000 NGN.
  • F5:
    • Management fee: 600,000 NGN.
    • Sixty tasks per day, earning 400 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 720,000 NGN.
    • Annual income: 8,640,000 NGN.
  • F6:
    • Management fee: 1,500,000 NGN.
    • One hundred tasks per day, earning 600 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 1,800,000 NGN.
    • Annual income: 21,600,000 NGN.
  • F7:
    • Management fee: 4,200,000 NGN.
    • Two hundred fifty tasks per day, earning 700 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 5,250,000 NGN.
    • Annual income: 63,000,000 NGN.
  • F8:
    • Management fee: 9,000,000 NGN.
    • Three hundred tasks per day, earning 1,250 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 11,250,000 NGN.
    • Annual income: 135,000,000 NGN.
  • F9:
    • Management fee: 24,000,000 NGN.
    • Four hundred tasks per day, earning 3,000 NGN each.
    • Monthly income: 36,000,000 NGN.
    • Annual income: 432,000,000 NGN. Referral income

Fcb has a profitable referral program where you can earn referral income by referring people to the platform. For example, if you belong to F1 and recommend Mr A to F1, you can have an income of 1,560 NGN. At this time, if your  subordinate A recommends Mr B to become F1, you can get 520 NGN. If subordinate Mr B recommends Mr C to become F1, as F1 at this time, you can get 260 NGN income.

If you belong to F5 and recommend subordinate A to become F5, you will receive 12% of the F5 management fee (72,000 NGN). You will only receive the same level of referral commission. If your subordinate is a higher level than you, you can only achieve 12% of your current level. You can increase your employee level as you gain access to higher referral rewards. This will greatly increase your income. Note: In order to avoid commission loss, the best way is to become F9 directly and recommend F9 users. F9 members directly recommend F9 members for maximum profit.

Membership LevelReferral Task RebateEvery 100,000 NGN Can Be Profitable
Level 1 User5%5000 NGN
Level 2 User2%2000 NGN
Level 3 User1%1000 NGN

Invite Friends To Participate & Earn More Commission

Members can recommend others to become agents, and agents can receive additional commission rewards. The daily commission for first-level users is 5%, the daily commission for second-level users is 2%, and the daily commission for third-level users is 1%. For example, you have 10 level 1 members, 100 level 2 members, and 1000 level 3 members. Assuming that the average daily income of a subordinate is 10,000 NGN, you can imagine the daily income.

Level 1: 10000*10*5%=5000

Level 2: 10000*100*2%=20000

Level 3: 10000*1000*1%=100000

Your rebate income for the day will be: 5000+20000+100000=125000 Red Flags

  1. The company is a long term ponzi scheme. The platform basically recycles funds between investors.
  2. The company’s leadership team are not known
  3. The company lacks clear contact details, a common sign of a scam website.
  4. The company makes fake claims, fake reviews on its website

Is Legit or Scam? is a ponzi scheme that basically accepts money from investors and use it to pay old investors. Also ponzi schemes like this can crash at anytime and make you lose your money. So be careful before investing.

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