Is First Fishery Legit or Scam?

First Fishery ( is a newly launched investment platforms in Nigeria that allows users invest and make daily profit of 4% to 6% daily on their investment within 30 – 70days. Its a great opportunity for those looking for ways to make extra income. When you invest in First Fishery, you get these below benefits.

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  • Minimum Investment is ₦3000
  • Minimum Withdrawal is ₦1200
  • Sign up for First Fishery to get an instant reward of 200 naira
  •  Invest in First Fishery and you will earn income every day

How To Make Money On First Fisheries

  1. Sign Up and Get Instant Reward: To get started, sign up using this registration link and receive an instant reward of 200 naira. It’s a quick and easy way to kickstart your earnings on the platform.
  2. Invest and Earn Daily Income: The primary way to make money on First Fisheries is by investing in their products. Choose an investment plan that suits your budget and interests. Once you’ve made your investment, you’ll start earning income every day.
  3. Refer Friends and Earn Bonuses: Invite your friends to join First Fisheries from your Level 1. When they purchase any products, you’ll receive a generous 13% bonus. But that’s not all! You also get team daily income commission from their earnings.
  4. Referral Commission Levels: The referral commission operates on multiple levels. You’ll earn commission from your Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 referrals. For Level 1 referrals, you get 10% commission, for Level 2, you get 5%, and for Level 3, you get 2%.
  5. Daily Salary Details: To boost your earnings even further, there are daily reward bonuses based on the number of users you invite to recharge each day. Here are the rewards:
    • Invite 3 users in a day and get a reward bonus of ₦1,500.
    • Invite 8 users in a day and receive ₦4,000 in rewards.
    • Invite 16 users in a day and get a reward of ₦8,000.
    • Invite 30 users in a day and receive a bonus of ₦20,000.
    • If you manage to invite 60 users in a day, you’ll get an impressive reward bonus of ₦40,000.

First Fisheries Investment Plans

Fish TypePricePeriodProfitTotal
titus3000 NGN60 T300 NGN / T18000 NGN
shawa9000 NGN60 T495 NGN / T29700 NGN
kote30000 NGN60 T1680 NGN / T100800 NGN
panla80000 NGN65 T4720 NGN / T306800 NGN
ojuyobo200000 NGN65 T12000 NGN / T780000 NGN
yellow croaker550000 NGN65 T35750 NGN / T2323750 NGN
sturgeon1500000 NGN65 T99000 NGN / T6435000 NGN
tuna3000000 NGN70 T207000 NGN / T14490000 NGN
shark6000000 NGN70 T426000 NGN / T29820000 NGN
Antarctic krill15000000 NGN70 T1125000 NGN / T78750000 NGN


Is First Fisheries Legit?

Based on our review, First Fisheries is a Scam and a ponzi scheme. Users should careful before investing on this platform.

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