Is Legit or Scam?

Focus Network is a newly launched money making platform designed to engage users in performing various tasks and compensate them through product sales and sponsorships facilitated by Focus Administrators. Essentially, it’s an online ecosystem that offers several avenues for users to earn money. You can make money through performing tasks like affiliate, viewing posts, sharing posts, referrals, etc

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How to Join Focus Network

Joining Focus Network appears to be a straightforward process. You can follow these steps to get started:

  1. Purchase Coupon Code: The first step is to purchase coupon code from a registered vendor. Visit the website and click on Buy Coupon, select any of the vendors and purchase the coupon code from the person.
  2. Visit the Website: Go to the Focus Network website, which is
  3. Register: Click on the “Register Now” button, which should direct you to a registration page.
  4. Choose a Package: Select a registration package based on your preferences and needs. They seem to offer a variety of packages, each with its own set of benefits and features.
  5. Complete Registration: Fill in the required information to complete your registration.

How to Make Money on Focus Network

Focus Network claims to offer multiple ways for users to earn money:

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  • Daily Video Rewards: Users can earn money by watching videos daily.
  • High Returns, Smart Investments: The platform offers what they term “smart investment plans” with the potential to earn up to 5% daily. However, the details of these plans are not provided in this information.
  • Spin for Cash Prizes: There’s a feature where users can spin for cash prizes, with a maximum daily reward of N2000.
  • Daily Login Rewards: Users can earn rewards simply by logging in daily.
  • Easy Money Transfers: Focus Network claims to facilitate easy money transfers to friends and family, though the specifics are not detailed.
  • Win Big Rewards: There are contests where users can compete and stand a chance to win prizes.
  • Earn While You Register: Users can use their earnings to register new users and keep the fee. This suggests a referral program.

Focus Network Registration Packages

The below is the various registration packages available, each offering its own set of benefits and features. Whether you’re looking for a basic entry package or a comprehensive plan with enhanced perks, we have options to suit your needs.

Focus Network offers two distinct registration packages, each tailored to meet your earning needs and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at what each package offers:

Basic Plan – ₦3,500

  • Welcome Bonus: As soon as you join Focus Network with the Basic Plan, you’ll receive a generous welcome bonus of ₦2,200. This provides an excellent initial boost to your earnings.
  • Daily Login Earnings: Just by logging into your account daily, you can accumulate daily login earnings of ₦200. It’s a hassle-free way to increase your income.
  • Daily Share Earnings: By actively participating in sharing activities on the platform, you can earn a daily share bonus of ₦300.
  • Daily Video Earnings: Engage with the platform by watching videos, and you can expect to earn a daily video bonus of ₦150.
  • Direct Referral Bonus: One of the most lucrative features of the Basic Plan is the direct referral bonus. When you refer someone to Focus Network and they sign up under your referral link, you can earn a substantial bonus of ₦2,500 for each direct referral.
  • Lv1 Referral Bonus: Beyond direct referrals, Focus Network offers a multi-level referral system. When your Lv1 referrals bring in new users, you earn an Lv1 referral bonus of ₦200 for each.
  • Lv2 Referral Bonus: The earning potential doesn’t stop there. If your Lv1 referrals go on to refer others, you’ll receive an Lv2 referral bonus of ₦100 for each referral at this level.

Standard Plan – ₦5,000

  • Welcome Bonus: The Standard Plan kicks off with a substantial welcome bonus of ₦3,000, giving your earnings a robust starting point.
  • Daily Login Earnings: Like the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan also offers a daily login bonus, which amounts to ₦300 per day.
  • Daily Share Earnings: When you actively participate in sharing activities on the platform, you can boost your daily earnings with a bonus of ₦400.
  • Daily Video Earnings: Enjoy earning daily video bonuses of ₦300 by engaging with the platform’s video content.
  • Direct Referral Bonus: The Standard Plan offers an even higher direct referral bonus. When your referrals sign up under your link, you’ll receive a substantial bonus of ₦3,800 for each direct referral.
  • Lv2 Referral Bonus: Just like in the Basic Plan, when your Lv1 referrals bring in new users, you’ll earn an Lv2 referral bonus of ₦200 for each referral at this level.
  • Lv3 Referral Bonus: The multi-level referral system extends to Lv3 referrals. As your Lv2 referrals continue to expand the network, you’ll receive an Lv3 referral bonus of ₦100 for each referral at this level.

Make Money on Focus Network Through Referrals

The information hints at a referral program where users can use their earnings to register new users and keep the fee. This is a common model in many online money-making platforms. Users should be cautious about pyramid-like schemes, though, and ensure that the platform’s referral system is legitimate and sustainable.

Is Focus Network Legit or Scam? is not a reliable or stable means to make money due to the following reasons

  • Focusnetwork is basically a refer to earn platform. Without referring people to register under you, you wont make any money.
  • If you decide to only make money through performing tasks alone and not through referring people, you cant make much to be able to qualify for the minimum wihdrawal amount as those tasks pay very little amount of money. It might take you up to 6 month before you reach the Minimum withdrawal amount, and by that time, the platform may have crashed.
  • Also be aware that its not easy to refer people to register under you as those people need to pay the registration fee. Also when you refer someone to join and the person contacts a vendor to purchase coupon code, the vendor might convince the person to register under him instead in exchange for discount on the coupon code price.


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  1. Are you done with your criticism on focusnetwork. You would have asked if you don’t understand what focusnetwork stands, or where you paid to blackmail the site?

    Next time cook your lies well ok

    You lying against focusnetwork program will make you rich, wise up

    • Why you just read isn’t a lie. Stop defending fraudsters except you are one. He was clear and loud. That focus network will crash in less than two months from now. I am aware of that because I have carried my investigations. I don’t just want to handle those vendors because I am not in the right position to.

    • Can you imagine, go to his telegram channel and see fake updates that he promote, simply because Focus didn’t pay him to promote focus network. He is he saying trash 🗑️.

  2. Focus network is a pure scam that has plans to close in a couple of days. Do not invest. Their.earning strategies are old and outdated. The chain is poor and fake. Do not fall a victim!!

    • I don’t blame you.
      In this life, if you don’t have an enemy you can’t do better.

      His review is based on his/her hatred for the CEO of focus network.

      I’ve been in the platform for over a month and two weeks now, and you are here being fooled.


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