Is Legit or Scam?

Fundpay is an online paying platform launched on the 9th October 2023. The company claims to be a solar installation and maintenance company that does solar installations for companies and imdividuals.
With as low as #500 you can earn #100 everyday and withdrawal is anytime. Don’t snooze on this, you don’t need referrals before you can withdraw and referral bonus is as little as 20%. Since It’s a ponzi scheme, it’s either you cash out or you loose! Start early don’t wait for months.

Join Our Investment Group

Benefits Of

  • Newly launched: 9/10/2023
  • Registration fee: 500 naira
  • Daily income: ₦100
  • Validity 15days
  • Total profit ₦1,500

How To Join

  • Register an account with this registration link
  • Fund your account with the amount you want to invest
  • Invest in an investment plan
  • withdraw your earnings Investment Plans

PlanDaily EarnReturn TimesRio BackAmount for Plan
SOLAR POWER100.00 NGN15Every Day500.00 NGN
EDUCATION20,000.00 NGN15Every Day100,000.00 NGN
RESOURCES10,000.00 NGN15Every Day50,000.00 NGN
ELECTRICITY2,400.00 NGN15Every Day12,000.00 NGN
GADGET1,400.00 NGN15Every Day7,000.00 NGN
POWER1,120.00 NGN15Every Day5,600.00 NGN
AUTOMOBILE520.00 NGN15Every Day2,500.00 NGN
AGRO340.00 NGN15Every Day1,700.00 NGN
LIVESTOCK30,000.00 NGN15Every Day150,000.00 NGN


How To Make Money From Invitation Rewards

Invite your friends to join and you will get 25% of total the item purchased just share the link below

Join Telegram Channel
  • 1. 20% from 1st level joined members.
  • 2. 5% from 2nd level joined members.
  • 3. 1% from 3rd level joined members.

Note : Only those newly joined members will be considered valid who possess atleast one ₹100. The one level up person will get the referral income for such member only.

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme and the earlier you join, the higher your chances of making money. if you join late, you would likely end up loosing money.

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