Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we will be introducing a new task to earn website where you can make money online just by performing simple tasks like surveys, performing transactions, reading news, etc. Lumi ( is a newly launched Nigerian task to earn websites where you earn points from performing tasks. You can convert your points to airtime, data or use it to pay bills.

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Lumi is the easiest way to earn rewards while taking care of your daily lifestyle needs. Powered by integrations to a host of essential services such as bill pay and airtime and partnerships with some of Nigeria’s favourite brands and service providers.

Lumi’s claims its mission is to bring light into the lives of all Nigerians through simple and enjoyable passive income. Lumi’s vision is to make it easier for all Nigerians to lead lives they love by growing their savings and helping them connect to and build brands that bring them joy.

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How Lumi Works

It’s a survey site (where you answer questions based on your choice) and earn points, then convert it to AIRTIME, DATA, or use it for BILLS PAYMENTS all for FREE. Here is the step-by-step process on how to get started on Lumi.

  • Create a new account with this registration link
  • After registration, verify your account with NIN/BVN
  • Once verified, you will see the available survey on the site and also get a notification on your Gmail anytime there is one.
  • You earn 7,500 points for referring your friends

Ways To Make Money On Lumi

Completing Surveys

One of the major ways of making money on lumi is by completing surveys. Starting from the Introductory survey which is a way to let the platform know about you. You would get points and rewards when you complete surveys. When you complete the introductory survey, the responses will be used to pair you with available surveys. When you complete a survey, you earn between 2.5k Points to 20 Points.

Make Money From Inviting Friends

When you invite your friends to join lumi through your registration link, you and you friend automatically earn around 7,500 points. The more friends you invite, the more points you get. When you invite a friend, you would get 3,750 points while your friend would get 4,000 points. Your friends must complete their profile and verify their account with an ID for points to be awarded.

Join Lumirewards 10k Giveaway

Lumi is giving out 10k each to three lucky people. The company understand the current economic situation in Nigeria, we are all feeling the heat. This is they brought back the Lumirewards monthly giveaway. This is an extra reward for you as a Lumi user.

To participate, you must

  1. Perform not less than 3 and a maximum of 5 transactions on our app in one day
  2. Make a one-minute video telling the company your best two features of the Lumi app and why others should download the app using the hashtag “#lumigiveaway”
  3. Your content must be socially conscious I.e it must be a clear message and must be advocating for a call to encourage others to download the app
  4. Follow the company across their social media platforms and tag at least 10 people to also follow. Winners will be announced on the 4th of August

Bill Payment Rewards

Below are the various ways to earn rewards while performing bill payments.

  • Earn Extra Points Weekly (+1k Points)
    Make a purchase with a minimum of N1000 weekly using your Lumi Naira Wallet
  • First time Airtime Purchase Bonus (+375 Points)
    Buy your first airtime using your Lumi Naira Wallet and earn Bonus points
  • First time Data Purchase Bonus (+375 Points)
    Buy your first data using your Lumi Naira Wallet and earn Bonus points.
  • First time Cable Subscription Renewal Bonus (+500 Points)
    Renew your cable subscription using your Lumi Naira Wallet and earn Bonus points
  • First time Power Renewal Bonus (+500 Points)
    Renew your electricity using your Lumi Naira Wallet and earn Bonus points
  • Buy airtime (+10k points)
    Buy airtime & data with your Enlumi wallet and earn points for this.
  • Pay bills (+10k points)
    Pay your bills online with your Enlumi wallet and earn points for this.


Is Lumi Legit or Scam?

Lumi is a legit platform where you earn points when you perform tasks. after accumulating enough points, you can convert them to airtime or data or use it to pay bills. A lot of people who joined the platform have been able to withdraw their points.

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