Is Goldstream Legit or Scam (

Goldstream is a new investment platform that just launched. Goldstream claims to afford Nigerians the ability to make money by investment.

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Company Name:Goldstream
Invitation url:
Launch Date:09/09/2023
Domain Registration Date:08/09/2023
Domain Expiry Date:08/09/2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission25% to 60%
Referral Commission15%
No. of Visits447
Last Visit:15min ago


How To Join Goldstream

  • Register with this registration link
  • Deposit money to your account by clicking on the deposit menu and following the instructions
  • Then click on investment menu and select the investment plan you are interested in, then click on the invest button.

Goldstream Investment Plans

Package NameAmountForRio BackCapital BackAffiliate Bonus
PROMOTERS PACKAGES0.00 NGN4,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo
STREAM LITE 088,000.00 NGN100,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo
STREAM PIP 074,500.00 NGN50,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo
STREAM BIP 062,700.00 NGN30,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo
STREAM VVIP 051,800.00 NGN20,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo
STREAM GOLD 041,200.00 NGN15,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo
STREAM SAT 03800.00 NGN10,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo
STREAM MAX 02500.00 NGN5,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo
STREAM VIP 01300.00 NGN3,000.00 NGN45 TimesEvery DayNo


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Is Legit

Below are the reasons why we believe goldstream is a scam and a ponzi scheme.

  1. Unrealistic Returns: Goldstream promises daily commissions ranging from 25% to 60%. Such high and consistent returns are unrealistic and a common characteristic of Ponzi schemes.
  2. Lack of Transparency: The owner of the domain is hidden in the Whois information. Legitimate and transparent investment platforms typically provide information about their owners and management.
  3. No Clear Business Model: Goldstream does not seem to have a clear business model or source of revenue other than relying on new investments to pay returns, which is a typical characteristic of Ponzi schemes.
  4. New and Short Domain Registration: The fact that the domain was registered shortly before the platform’s launch (on 08/09/2023) suggests a lack of long-term commitment and could be a red flag.
  5. No Verifiable External Income: Ponzi schemes often promise high returns without any clear source of income to generate those returns. Goldstream’s investment plans do not indicate a legitimate source of income, such as trading, investments, or businesses, that could sustain such high daily returns.


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