Is Grvt Airdrop Legit or Scam?

GRVT, short for Gravity, is a next-generation hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that brings together the advantages of both centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform emphasizes safety, simplicity, and scalability in crypto trading, offering innovative features to cater to both institutional and individual clients.

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GRVT prioritizes the security of traders’ assets and aims to eliminate exchange risks. It empowers traders to engage with confidence, providing self-custody options and on-chain margin management using smart contracts. Through its partnership with zkSync, a privacy-focused scaling solution, GRVT ensures cryptographic guarantees that the operator cannot misuse users’ funds locked in the Validium chain.

GRVT focuses on building a fast and cost-effective trading environment, constantly innovating to welcome a broader user base. With a lightning-fast order book supporting 600,000 trades per second and less than 2 milliseconds latency, GRVT ensures a seamless and efficient trading experience.

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Key Features

  • Zero Gas Trading: GRVT offers gas-free order placement, cancellation, and execution, minimizing costs for traders.
  • Capital Efficiency: The platform provides a best-in-market margin model, including portfolio margining and cross margining, to maximize margin efficiency.
  • Innovative Trading Features: GRVT introduces advanced order types, co-location services for fast trading, and anonymous trading for preserving privacy.

How To Claim GRVT Airdrop

Below is the Step-by-Step Guide on how to claim the GRVT Airdrop.

  • Visit the official Grvt website
  • Click on the “Join the waitlist” button to signup as an ambassador
  • Refer your friends to accumulate GRVT Points.
  • Grvt has confirmed the launch their token called “GVT” very soon, and users who sign up early would get an airdrop when the platform launches.

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