Is Legit or Scam (Full Review) is an investment platform for football lovers and fans in Nigeria. The platform allow people invest in football matches and then earn money Hourly. The maximum investment period is a day and when you invest with happyfootball, you earn between 17% to 30% daily. This investment opportunity is available to all Nigerians.

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Benefits Offers

  • Minimum investment is 500 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is 500 naira
  • Welcome bonus is 300 naira

How To Invest & Make Money

Step 1: Visit the Website Go to

Step 2: Sign Up Click on the sign-up or register option and provide your phone number, which will serve as your username. Create a secure password.

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Step 3: Log In Once registered, log in using your phone number and password.

Step 4: Verify Your Account Complete any account verification steps sent via email or SMS.

Step 5: Deposit Funds Deposit a minimum of #500 into your account.

Step 6: Choose Your Plan Select an investment plan based on your deposit. You’ll receive a 15% daily return for 25 days.

Step 7: Confirm Your Investment Review your investment choice and confirm.

Step 8: Monitor and Withdraw Watch your earnings grow daily and withdraw when your balance reaches the minimum of #500.

Step 9: Refer Others (Optional) Share your unique referral link with friends to earn a 25% commission if they invest.

Happyfootball Investment Plans

StadiumHourly ReturnInvestmentMax. EarnTotal Return
CAMO NOU0.65% / HOURN500.00N81.2516.25%
WEMBLY STADIUM0.65% / HOURN1,000.00N162.516.25%
SAN SIRO0.65% / HOURN3,000.00N487.516.25%
OLD TRAFFORD0.65% / HOURN5,000.00N812.516.25%
SIGNAL IDUMA PARK0.65% / HOURN10,000.00N1,62516.25%
MARACANO STADIUM0.65% / HOURN15,000.00 – N20,000.00N3,25016.25%
MARACANO STADIUM0.65% / HOURN50,000.00N8,12516.25%
EMIRATE STADIUM0.65% / HOURN100,000.00N16,25016.25%
ANFIELD0.65% / HOURN200,000.00N32,50016.25%
ALLIANS ARENA0.65% / HOURN500,000.00N81,25016.25%
ALLIANS ARENA0.65% / HOURN500,000.00N81,25016.25%


Make Money Via Referrals

When you refer someone to, you automatically earn 25% of whatsoever the person invest in the platform. The more people you refer, the more money you make

Is Legit? Legit is a ponzi scheme and a scam. The platform is launched by unknown people. This is a major characteristic of a ponzi scheme. The platform might initially be paying users, this they do by paying old users with money from new users.

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