Is Real or Scam?

About is a newly launched platform where you can make money daily from investing. claims it is into the business of renting out high-power farm equipment like tractors to farmers and construction workers. The company claims its mission is to develop, manufacture and market high-technology earth-moving equipment.

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You can make money from investing in any of equipment which would fetch you income daily. After investing in the company’s machinery and equipment, you start getting profits by 0:00 the next day. You can also make money by inviting new users to invest, that way you can get a reward of 13% of the equipment amount. Commission rewards for subordinate teams are 10% for LV1, 4% for LV2, and 2% for LV3

With the minimum deposit on the platform being 3,000NGN and the minimum withdrawal being 1,000NGN, its quite affordable

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Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:18/11/2023
Domain Registration Date:18th November, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:18th November, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission10% – 20%
 Referral Commission10%
No. of Visits430
Last Visit:a day ago


How To Join

Create a new account with this registration link Features & Benefits

  • Launched on 18/11/2023
  • Withdrawal has been confirmed
  • The minimum Recharge amount is #3,000
  • Minimum Withdrawal is #1,000
  • Use 3000 to get daily income is 216
  • Use 10000 naira to get a daily income of 760
  • Use 25000 naira to get the daily income of 1975
  • Use 80000 naira to get a daily income of 6720
  • Use 200000 naira to get the daily income of 18000
  • Use 500000 naira to get the daily income of 46000
  • You can Recharge your account and start Earning Your Daily Income. Investment Plans

Equipment TypePriceCycleDailyRental
7 T Dump Trucks3000NGN35 Day216NGNRental
10 T Dump Trucks10000NGN35 Day760NGNRental
20 T Dump Trucks25000NGN35 Day1975NGNRental
Backhoe Loaders80000NGN37 Day6720NGNRental
Backhoe Loaders-S200000NGN37 Day18000NGNRental
Wheeled Excavators500000NGN40 Day46000NGNRental

Make Money From Invitation Bonus

Below are the various invitation rewards levels that can fetch you money on The more people you invite, the more money you make.


  • 20 Invites: Get 3000NGN Weekly Salary
  • 3% Level Coupon


  • 50 Invites: Get 15000NGN Weekly Salary
  • 3% Level Coupon


  • 100 Invites: Get 30000NGN Weekly Salary
  • 5% Level Coupon


  • 300 Invites: Get 100000NGN Weekly Salary
  • 8% Level Coupon


  • 500 Invites: Get 300000NGN Weekly Salary
  • 12% Level Coupon


  • 1000 Invites: Get 1000000NGN Weekly Salary
  • 18% Level Coupon

Details About


IP Address

Nameservers Red Flags

  1. is a ponzi website that basically operates a pyramid scheme.
  2. The company bascially collect funds from old users to pay new users
  3. The company does not have a real product or service that generates real money.

Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched long term ponzi scheme that you can make money from when you join early. If you join late, there is a high probability you would loose your money when the platform crashes.

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