Is Legit or Scam?

There is a new investment platform that claims to be the investment arm of the popular Julius Berger construction company. The platform claims Julius berger which is the biggest construction company in Nigeria is soliciting investments from investors to execute some of its projects and that investors who invest would earn

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Website url:
Invitation url:
Launched Date:3rd March, 2024
Domain Registration Date:29th February, 2024
Domain Expiry Date:28th February, 2025
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission10%
Referral Commission30%, 8%, 2%
No. of Visits743
Last Visit:36 days ago Features & Benefits

  • Launched on3rd March, 2024
  • Minimum deposit is 3,000 naira
  • The minimum withdrawal is 1,000 naira
  • Withdrawal commission is 5%
  • Withdraw time: 9am-5pm Investment Plans

InvestmentDaily IncomeTotal IncomeCycleInvestment (₦)
Crane₦240.00₦21,600.0090 Days₦3,000
Container Logistics Park₦480.00₦43,200.0090 Days₦6,000
Heavy Crane₦1,028.00₦92,520.0090 Days₦12,000
Cargo Ship₦2,143.00₦192,870.0090 Days₦25,000
Open-air Tea Break Area₦4,615.00₦415,350.0090 Days₦50,000
Office Building₦9,231.00₦830,790.0090 Days₦100,000
Apartment Model Room₦20,000.00₦1,800,000.0090 Days₦200,000
Central Business District₦40,000.00₦3,600,000.0090 Days₦400,000
Commercial and Residential Building₦65,455.00₦5,890,950.0090 Days₦600,000
Villa₦87,273.00₦7,854,570.0090 Days₦800,000

How To Deposit

  • Minimum recharge amount ₦3000.
  •  For each payment, please create a new payment order to get designated beneficiary account. Don’t pay to old beneficiary account.
  • Don’t pay to others, recharge can only be done inside the APP.
  • After paid, please wait 5-10 minutes. If not show after 10 minutes, then send payment voucher to platform official customer service.

How To Make Money Via Referrals

Use your referral link or code to share with your friends and get them to join as sub-level users, and you can earn huge rebates on each level user investment.

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For Example:

  • Tier 1 team user invest ₦12000, you can receive 30% rebate of the investment amount(12000*30%=₦3600).
  • Tier 2 team user invest ₦12000, you can receive 8% rebate of the investment amount(12000*8%=₦960).
  • Tier 3 team user invest ₦12000, you can receive 2% rebate of the investment amount(12000*2%=₦240).
  • The more investment users you invite, the more rebates you can earn, remember to check this page at any time every day.

Details About



IP Address

Nameservers Red Flags

  1. This platform operates a ponzi scheme as it promises high return on investment daily
  2. This website is impersonating Julius Berger. The real julius berger has no affiliation with this website
  3. The company has been the subject of negative news articles or reviews.
  4. The company lacks transparency about its business model and operation.

Is Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that is a Scam

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