is kkring legit Or Scam

KKring also known as KKR Private Equity Investment Firm is a newly launched online investment platform promising up to 200% returns on initial investments within a specific time frame.

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This review aims to determine the legitimacy of this platform to prevent intending investors from being scammed. The platform offers a 5,000 naira registration bonus to new members, which can be invested in a 1-day plan, yielding 6,000 naira in 24 hours. was created by anonymous individuals, and it claims to help users earn passive income through various tasks, including selecting investment plans and making deposits for daily returns.

How To make money On is an online investment platform that offers users the opportunity to earn passive income through various investment plans. To participate, members must register and receive a N5,000 welcome bonus that can be used to invest in the minimum plan. Members can choose from different investment plans and deposit their money to start receiving daily returns over a specific period. The minimum investment amount is N10,000, yielding around N800 daily, while the maximum is N1,000,000, offering N14,500 daily returns. Additionally, users can earn commissions by referring friends and family to join the platform. The potential earnings depend on the investment plan chosen, and higher plans offer higher returns. However, as with any high-return investment platform, caution should be exercised before investing.

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To make money on through referrals, you need to invite friends, family, or acquaintances to join the platform using your unique referral link. When someone registers and makes a deposit through your link, you earn a commission for each successful referral. The more people you refer, the higher your potential earnings.

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Is Legit

No, is a scam company masquerading as a private investment company. promises substantial daily returns on investments without providing sufficient details about how they generate profits or sustain such high payouts. Any investment opportunity that offers unrealistically high returns without explaining the underlying business model or investment strategy is often considered suspicious and likely to be unsustainable. is a Ponzi scheme as it promises high daily returns on investments, such as earning N800 daily with an investment of N10,000y. Ponzi schemes entice investors with the promise of high returns, but the profits are paid out from the investments of new participants rather than from legitimate business operations. So very soon the system would soon collapse, so be careful

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  1. It’s really scam
    I had a likely experience
    While trying to withdraw, I was told my account was frozen because I added to account. Meanwhile we all know it’s not possible to select two accounts in doing a single transaction. In all, I was asked to recharge the exact amount I was going to withdraw back into d KKring account in other to withdraw my funds. So to say, if I was going to withdraw 40k, I’ll have to deposit 40k. See how it’s scam. Others beware!!!!!


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