Is Legit or Scam?

Konga Oline Work ( is an online task platform that allow people make money by investing into ecommerce. The company claims you only need to use your mobile phone at home to obtain order tasks provided by cooperative merchants. After the order is completed, the trading platform will return the part-time staff according to the commission provided by the merchant. Commissions are determined by the transaction volume and transaction amount of merchant products on the Konga platform.

Join Our Investment Group Earning Structure

  1. VIP 1 recharge 1000 to earn 450+ commission, withdraw 1450+
  2. VIP 2 recharge 5000 to earn 2400+ commission, withdraw 7400+
  3. VIP 3 recharge 15000 to earn 15000+ commission, withdraw 30000+
  4. VIP 4 recharge 30000 to earn 45000+ commission, withdraw 75000+
  5. VIP 5 recharge 50000 to earn 80000+ commission, withdraw 130000+

How To Join & Make Money

  • Register an account on Konga with this registration link
  • On your dasnboard, click on the recharge button and follow the instructions to add money to your account
  • Go to the products page where you see list of available products, then select anyone and invest in it.
  • Then you withdraw your commission daily.

How To Make Money From Referrals

1. Rewards for inviting friends (Referral bonus)

Invite friends to recharge VIP3, and the inviter can get 6,000 naira rewards.

Join Telegram Channel

Invite friends to recharge VIP4 and get 8,000 Naira rewards.

Invite friends to recharge VIP5 and get 12000 naira rewards. (VIP1 and VIP2 are in the trial period, no bonus for invitations)

2. Task reward When the friend you recommend completes the task

You will get 3% of his commission. For example, she earns 1000 naira and you earn 30 naira, she earns 10000 naira and you earn 300 naira.

Is Legit is a ponzi scheme and it can crash at anytime, so be careful when investing in this platform

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