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In recent years, the world’s production has grown rapidly. In this biennium, production has increased dramatically, and capture industrial production has grown wildly. The supply for human products has greatly increased. Therefore, Ksop has established a strong product development system in the European and American markets and invested in the Nigerian production market this year.

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To join and start making money, follow these few easy steps. Its fast and easy to get started with KSOP.

Sign Up: Sign up with this registration link to get an instant reward of 800 Naira

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Grow Earnings: Invest in an investment package and earn daily. Investment Plans

PlanInvestment Amount (N)DurationDaily Earnings (N)Total Earnings (N)
D-1 KSOP3,80031 Days1905,890
D-2 KSOP5,80031 Days2908,890
D-3 KSOP10,80031 Days54019,980
D-4 KSOP15,80031 Days79024,490
D-5 KSOP20,80031 Days1,04032,240
G-1 KSOP25,00030 Days1,50045,000
G-2 KSOP30,00030 Days1,80054,000
G-3 KSOP50,00030 Days3,00090,000
G-4 KSOP100,00030 Days6,000180,000

Make Money From Referrals


  • 1st level 10%
  • 1st level 2%
  • 1st level 1%


  • Invite 3 D1-D5 members you can get 1,200 weekly salary salary
  • Invite 5 D1-D5 members this week and get 3000NGN weekly salary
  • Invite 10 D1-D5 members this week, weekly salary 5,000NGN
  • Invite 20 D1-D5 members this week, weekly salary 10,000NGN


  • Invite 3 G1-G4 members this week, weekly salary 10,000NGN
  • Invite 5 G1-G5 members this week and get 20,000NGN weekly salary
  • Invite 10 G1-G3 members this week and get 30,000NGN weekly salary

How To Withdraw Earnings

Withdrawal can only be done Mon-Fri between 9am to 6pm, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 1500 naira.

Is Legit or Scam is nothing but a ponzi scheme that launched on the 27th of august, 2023. if you join the platform early, you can make a lot of money before it will crash. Register with this registration link and get free 800 naira referral bonus.

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