Is Layerzero Airdrop Legit or Scam | How To Claim

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol developed by LayerZero Labs, designed to enhance the connectivity of various blockchain networks. Layerzero basically addresses the challenges of interoperability between different blockchains. The protocol allows different blockchain platforms to communicate with each other.

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Launched by Blockchain infrastructure provider LayerZero Labs, LayerZero has been structured to incorporate a native token within its protocol. The developers, having raised $120 million in April, valuing the project at $3 billion, and recently confirmed plans to introduce the LayerZero token in the first half of 2024.

 How To Claim Layerzero Airdrop

  • Visit the official layerzero airdrop page here
  • Connect your wallet. The platform supports these wallets: Ledger, Unstoppable, Fireblocks, Ambire, Infinity, Internet, NOW, Certhis, MetaMask, Cypherock, Trust, Sahal, Rainbow, BC, Spot, Absolute, Bitget, Sequence.
  • Once your wallet is connected, you should be capable to claim your tokens via the platform.

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