Is Legit or Scam?

Do you have money sitting idle in your bank account, and you are looking for a high interest yield investment platform. claims to have solution to your problem. The company claim you can invest in its investment platforms and earn daily interest between 15% to 30%. The company claims to be affliated with Hut8 Microelectronics Corporation, an IC design house established in July 1992, and it specializes in the design, research, development, application and marketing of integrated circuits.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • Launched Date is 22/9/2023
  • Huge investment return!
  • Signup Bonus of ₦200 in Cash + ₦10000 product in Order.
  • Rrefer to earn: 18%, 8%, 4% of 3 levels.
  • Withdraw Minimum is ₦1000, and its Instant, 24×7 and No Tax

How It Works

  • Register a new account with this registration link
  • ‘login to your account and Deposit money
  • Select any of the invest plans below to purchase.
  • Come to collect its daily earnings on a daily basis.
  • Withdraw your balance instantly (7 × 24h & Min ₦1000)
  • Obtain 2-6 times return by this investment in the end. Investment Plans

PlanInvestDaily IncomeTotal IncomeServing Time
Plan 1₦2200₦330₦1650050 Days
Plan 2₦5200₦1040₦5200050 Days
Plan 3₦10200₦2550₦12750050 Days
Plan 4₦50200₦15060₦75300050 Days
Plan 5₦100200₦40080₦200400050 Days
Plan 6₦500200₦250100₦1250500050 Days
Plan 7₦1000200₦700140₦3500700050 Days
Plan 8₦2000200₦2000200₦10001000050 Days

Make Money Via Team Promotion

You obtain 18% of Level 1’s recharge amount, 8% of Level 2’s, 4% of Level 3’s. The bonus is given immediately right after referrals make a payment, rather than registration.

Is Legit is a ponzi scheme that can crash at anytime. Details about the founders of the platform are unknown. So if you are investing in this platform, ensure you invest only what you can afford to loose

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