Is Legit or Scam?

This blog post is a review of a newly launched investment company in Nigeria called The company claims to allow people to invest in the electronics industry. The company claims to be in the business of sales and installation of all kinds of electronics. The company claims it has warehouse and distribution stores all over the world from which it sells its electronics devices.

Join Our Investment Group claims it is trying to raise investment to be able to scale its electronics business and when you invest in the company, you earn daily returns every day. When you invest in the company, you earn daily returns 20% for 10 days. This basically means you are doubling your investment in just 10 days.

Benefits Of Investing In

  • Launched on 10/11/2023
  • Minimum investment amount is 1,000 naira
  • Daily income is 200 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 naira
  • Registration link =

How To Invest In

  • Start by creating a new account with this registration link
  • Login to your dashboard and click on the “Fund” button to start the process of funding your wallet
  • On the funding page, enter the amount you want to fund and then click on the “Recharge” button to make payment
  • On the payment page, copy the company account number displayed and make payment to it
  • On that same payment page, upload the evidence of payment and other payment information and then your payment would need to be confirmed.
  • When your payment is confirmed, the money would reflect in your account and you can use it to invest in any of the available investment plans
  • After investing, you start to earn daily returns, and you can withdraw your earnings when you have made up to 1,000 naira. Investment Plans

ItemDurationDaily ProfitTotal ProfitInitial Cost
Earpiece10 Days₦ 200₦ 2,000₦ 1,000
Watch10 Days₦ 1,000₦ 10,000₦ 5,000
Polo10 Days₦ 1,600₦ 16,000₦ 8,000
Sneakers10 Days₦ 2,000₦ 20,000₦ 10,000
Hoodies10 Days₦ 3,000₦ 30,000₦ 15,000
Television10 Days₦ 8,000₦ 80,000₦ 40,000
Fridge10 Days₦ 14,000₦ 140,000₦ 70,000
Generator10 Days₦ 30,000₦ 300,000₦ 150,000


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Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme and should be treated as so. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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