Is Metis Airdrop Legit or Scam? How To Claim

Metis is a layer-two solution for Ethereum, designed to address issues like high gas fees and transaction complexity on the Ethereum network. It functions as a layer on top of Ethereum, making transactions more accessible and efficient.

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Metis airdrop is the distribution of free tokens on the Metis test net. This means that users can receive tokens for participating in certain activities on the test net without any investment. Users can earn points (XP) by completing tasks such as claiming test net tokens, providing liquidity, and participating in the Metis lottery. These points may then be exchanged for airdropped tokens.

 How To Claim Metis Airdrop

  1. Start the process by launching the metis airdrop telegram bot
  2. Click on the Start button (type /start) to begin the processof getting airdrop.
  3. To participate in the airdrops, you need to perform simple tasks like joining telegram groups, liking twitter posts, etc.
  4. The bot would provide you with some Telegram group links to join. Join those groups and click on  [Submit Details] button to Continue.
  5. After joining these channels, click on the “Join Airdrop” button.
  6. The bot would provide you with the official metis twitter account and some instructions on tasks you should perform.
  7. Follow the instructions to follow Metis on Twitter and retweet their tweets.
  8. Follow their sponsor’s Twitter page as well.
  9. Click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next phase.
  10. Enter your Twitter handle to confirm completion of tasks.
  11. Submit your BNB address.
  12. Copy the official contract address provided and add it to your Turst wallet or metamask wallet.
  13. Wait for the confirmation message saying, “Welcome to Metis Airdrop.”
  14. Check your balance to confirm the receipt of Metis tokens.
  15. If desired, withdraw Metis tokens to your wallet by entering the amount and completing the withdrawal process.

Is Metis Airdrop Legit?

Yes, metis airdrop is legit, and a lot of people are already making a lot of money on metis

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