Is MMGS ( Legit or Scam?

Marvin Manufacturing Group (MMGS) is a new investment platform that launched in Nigeria that provides users with ability to earn daily returns on their investment. You stand to gain the following benefits if you join the MMGS platform.

Join Our Investment Group

  •  Registration Bonus : ₦400
  • Minimum withdrawal: ₦800
  • Minimum Deposit : ₦1,500
  • 28% Invite Commission
  • 16 – 30% daily returns on investment.

How To Join MMGS

To join and start making money, you need to create an account first with this registration link

Fill in your details including your email address, phone number and password.

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MMGS Investment packages

EnglishPurchase AmountPer OrderDaily ProfitTotal Income
MARVIN 1₦‎1,600.00₦‎300.00₦‎300.00₦‎10,500.00
MARVIN 2₦‎3,000.00₦‎650.00₦‎650.00₦‎22,750.00
MARVIN 3₦‎5,500.00₦‎1,100.00₦‎1,100.00₦‎38,500.00
MARVIN 4₦‎10,000.00₦‎2,300.00₦‎2,300.00₦‎80,500.00
MARVIN 5₦‎26,000.00₦‎4,800.00₦‎4,800.00₦‎168,000.00
MARVIN 6₦‎65,000.00₦‎13,100.00₦‎13,100.00₦‎458,500.00
MARVIN 7₦‎105,000.00₦‎26,800.00₦‎26,800.00₦‎938,000.00
MARVIN 8₦‎250,000.00₦‎48,500.00₦‎48,500.00₦‎1,697,500.00


To put this in perspective, here is how much. you make on

  • Deposit ₦1,600 and earn ₦300 Daily
  • Deposit ₦3,000 and earn ₦650 Daily
  • Deposit ₦5,500 and earn ₦1,100 Daily
  • Deposit ₦10,000 and earn ₦2,300 Daily
  • Deposit ₦26,000 and earn ₦4,800 Daily
  • Deposit ₦65,000 and earn ₦13,100 Daily
  • Deposit ₦105,000 and earn ₦26,800 Daily
  • Deposit ₦250,000 and earn ₦48,500 Daily


Is MMGS Legit?

MMGs is.a ponzi scheme and a fraudulent platform based on the below reasons.

  • The platform promises users 20% daily on investment with no information about its business model and how it promises to pay for users profits.
  • No information about the founders and owners if the MMGS platform is available. This is a major characteristics of a ponzi scheme.
  • Also a lot of typographical errors exists on the website suggesting that the platform was created by low quality scammers with little resources. Legitimate investment platforms design their websites with professionalism.


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  1. Mmgs is a scam o. Pls dnt invest ur money into it
    Even d admin on their customer service will deny dat he dnt know how his number gets der


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