Is Legit or Scam?

There is a new money making app in town called mnr that claims users can make a lot of money on its platform just by performing simple tasks. Mnr is a social network that enable the user to earn points while using the app, the accumulated points can be redeemed as cash.

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How MNR Works

MNR is a social network that rewards you with points for your participation. These points can be converted into real cash and deposited directly into your bank account.

How To Join

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How To Make Money From

Trending Activity

One of the most exciting ways to earn points on MNR is by creating trending content. For each post (whether it’s a picture, video, or question) that goes viral, you can earn up to 10,000 points, equivalent to approximately 2,500 Naira. The more users engage with your post, the more points you’ll earn. So, unleash your creativity to maximize your earnings.

Making Friends on MNR

Building a network of friends on MNR is crucial if you want your posts to trend. When you have more friends, your posts receive priority placement on their feeds, and your friends are also notified when you publish new content. You’ll receive 10 points for the first 20 friends you make on MNR. Remember, it’s essential to make friends with authenticated users since reactions from unauthenticated users won’t count toward your point accumulation. Aim to connect with at least 100 authenticated users for optimal results.

Vote in an MNR Poll

Participating in polls on MNR can also boost your earnings. When you vote in an MNR poll, you can earn between 5 to 100 points. The exact number of points you receive depends on the time elapsed between when the poll was posted and when you voted. To maximize your points (100 points), make sure to vote on a poll at least 2 hours after it’s posted. Be sure to download the MNR app, available for Android devices, to receive notifications whenever new polls are posted. Keep in mind that points are awarded only for voting in polls created by MNR.

Time Champ Challenge

Fancy yourself a quick thinker? Take on the Time Champ Challenge, where you’re tasked with answering three questions correctly within just 30 seconds. This challenge comes in three levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard, each with varying difficulty. To earn rewards, you must answer all three questions correctly and can win up to 17,500 points. Participation in this challenge requires 5 MNR coins.

Go-Go Hero Challenge

If you’re up for a more extended challenge, try the Go-Go Hero Challenge. In this challenge, you need to answer three questions in 45 seconds for three rounds, with each round being more challenging than the last. To make it onto the leaderboard and potentially earn up to 35,000 points, you must pass all three rounds. Participating in this challenge requires 2 MNR coins.

Weekly Challenges

Keep an eye out for MNR challenges posted on Sundays or Mondays. Ten winners are selected for each challenge, so make sure you’re ready to participate and earn more points. You can receive real-time notifications about these challenges by using the MNR app.

Elite Challenge

For top subscribers and high-performing users, the MNR Elite Challenge offers a chance to earn even more. To qualify, you need to have participated and won the MNR weekly challenge or be among the top 10 monthly users. Contestants can share their voting links with friends and family to gather votes. The contestant with the highest votes at the end of the challenge can win the grand prize of 35,000 MNR points (₦10,000). The first and second runner-ups also receive consolation prizes. Terms and conditions apply.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legit social media app like tiktok, etc. It allows people participate in social activities and also earn little rewards which can then be converted into real cash.

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