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What is More Life International

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More Life claims to be an International health organization founded in the Year 1983 by Ronald P. Stanton. More Life is an international organization with different headquarters in USA, Canada, London, France and UK.

More Life International was currently established in Nigeria by the year 2002 with its head office in the Federal Capital Territory brought by illustrious woman Dr. Greece Iwoma Ikequi.

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Iwoma Ikequi is the regional manager of More Life International in Nigeria, as the name implies one of the goals of More Life International is to make life more easier and meaningful to everyone who becomes a member of More Life International, to help the less privileged live longer than expected through the application and renting of their automated oxygen machines which yields greater funds when supplied to hospitals for usage.

So in essence, morelife claims to be an health organization that rents out oxygen to hospital and health centers. The company claims it requires investments from the public to be able to raise more money to purchase more oxygen, and as it leases out the oxygens, investors get to earn money daily from the rents paid.

Below are the benefits morelife claims to offer

  • Minimum deposit is 5000
  • Minimum withdrawal is 500
  • Handling fee of 5%
  • Payment arrive within 24hours. Withdraw today and receive before tomorrow.
  • You can only withdraw once per day.

How To Join Morelife

Create a new account with thus registration link

Morelife Investment Plans

PlanAmountDaily interestDurationTotal income
ML-1₦5000₦30040 days₦12000
ML-2₦7800₦46840 days₦18720
ML-3₦10,300₦61840 days₦24720
ML-4₦15,500₦93040 days₦37200
ML-5₦25,000₦150040 days₦60000
ML-6₦33,000₦198040 days₦79200
ML-7₦47,500₦285040 days₦114000
ML-8₦55,000₦330040 days₦132000
ML-9₦70,000₦420040 days₦168000
ML-10₦108,000₦648040 days₦259200
ML-11₦150,000₦900040 days₦360000
ML-12₦185,000₦1110040 days₦444000
ML-13₦200,000₦1200040 days₦480000


Make Money On More Life Via Referrals

Morelife also offers a referral package where you earn when you refer people to register and invest in any of the investment packages. Below is how much you earn for each referral level.

  • First level referral = 5%
  • Second level referral = 3%
  • Third level referral = 2%


Is Legit?

After examining, concerns arose due to several issues. These include the lack of details about its founders and headquarters, indicating a possible Ponzi Scheme. Moreover, the absence of contact information raises further doubts. The website also unlawfully uses another company’s logo, and its business model seems to be a deceptive scheme. These red flags suggest that is operating dubiously, potentially leading to significant financial losses for its users.

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