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Domain Expiry Date:12th February, 2025
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Mornimech is engaged in issuing Sustainability-Linked Bonds through its EMTN program, aligning with the Sustainability-Linked Bonds Principles 2020. The company secures funding for its operations and investments through a mix of internally generated cash flow and external sources. It prioritizes maintaining strong relationships with key debt capital investors in financial markets. Mornimech aims to minimize long-term funding costs while ensuring an adequate and steady supply of capital to support its capital-intensive operations, which experience seasonal fluctuations. Additionally, the company actively manages financial risks, particularly liquidity risks, inherent in its international operations. It follows a Treasury Policy that sets limits on various financial risks and emphasizes hedging commercial exposures, ensuring sufficient financial resources to fulfill its obligations. Features & Benefits Investment Plans

ProductDaily Revenue (₦)Total Revenue (₦)Investment Cycle (Days)Price (₦)
001™240.00672028 Days4000.00
002™600.001740029 Days10000.00
003™930.002790030 Days15500.00
004™1230.003690030 Days20500.00
005™2220.006882031 Days37000.00
006™4500.0013950031 Days75000.00
007™5820.0018624032 Days97000.00

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Owner’s nameDomain Administrator
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  1. The company lacks a physical product or service that adds value to customers.
  2. The company promotes a get rich quick mentality rather than long-term investing.
  3. The company’s has no social media presence.
  4. The company uses testimonials that cannot be independently verified.

Is Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that is a Scam

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