Is Real or Scam?

About investment platform claims to allow people make money online through online investments. claims to be a subsidiary of MovSign Company Ltd. which was established in 2013.

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MovSign mainly provides various promotional Advertisement Machines sales services with numerous clientele ranging from Catering, Sales, Entertaining, Government Agencies and etc. In 2014, MovSign promoted itself by providing the service of advertisement production & touchable application design and production, providing one-stop solution to clients for promotional software and hardware.

This review is basically to determine if is legit or scam. This is to guide prospective investors so as not to be defrauded.

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Launched Date:10th December, 2023
Domain Registration Date:4th December, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:4th December, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission20% – 40%
Referral Commission30%, 2%, 1%
No. of Visits461
Last Visit:79 hours ago Investment Plans

CompanyDurationPriceDaily IncomeTotal Return
UNIQLO100 Days₦1500₦300 (20%)₦30,000 (2000%)
I.T. apparels100 Days₦3000₦900 (30%)₦90,000 (3000%)
MUJI100 Days₦6000₦1860 (31%)₦186,000 (3100%)
Smartone100 Days₦12,000₦3840 (32%)₦384,000 (3200%)
Giordano100 Days₦24,000₦7920 (33%)₦792,000 (3300%)
FORTRESS100 Days₦48,000₦16,320 (34%)₦1,632,000 (3400%)
FANCL100 Days₦96,000₦33,600 (35%)₦3,360,000 (3500%)
GU100 Days₦192,000₦69,120 (36%)₦6,912,000 (3600%)
Kowloon City Plaza100 Days₦280,000₦103,600 (37%)₦10,360,000 (3700%)
Gov Headquarters100 Days₦500,000₦200,000 (40%)₦20,000,000 (4000%)

Details About

IP Address

Nameservers Red Flags

  1. The company lacks a physical address, a detail typically provided by authentic sites.
  2. The company relies on the funds of new investors to pay returns to earlier investors.
  3. The company makes unrealistic promises, such as guarantees of overnight success.
  4. The company claims to guarantees profits, which is a red flag as no investment is risk-free.

Is Legit or Scam? is a ponzi scheme that can crash at any time.

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