Is Legit or Scam? claims to be an ai robot trading platform where users can rent robots to trade from them and earn daily returns. claims to be a subsidiary of OpenAi the company behind Chatgpt. They claim users can make a lot of money when they rent our thie auto trading robots that places trade on their behalf and help them make money in the forex market. In this review, we would be checking if is a scam or its legit.

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When you invest in Mybothub, the company claims your money is safe and secured and then they activate an ai auto trading robot for you which is efficient and not affected by emotional factors. The robot Invest according to a fixed algorithm to make theoretically optimal decisions. The robot is also objective and analyzes and judges based on artificial intelligence technology and Internet big data.

Benefits Of

Quick withdrawals: If you apply for withdrawal today, it will be transferred to your bank account within 2 hours to ensure the safety of your funds to the greatest extent.

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Safe investment environment: 100% profit every day, 0 investment risk. Long-term, stable and sustainable money making.

Convenient deposit and withdrawal channels: Mybothub / GPT-AI supports USDT and bank card deposits and withdrawals.

Income far exceeds traditional financial investment: Daily income 1.4%-2.5%, monthly income 30%-55%.
Expert Advisors. Robot automatic trading helps you make money without having to pay attention to the dynamics all the time.

Income diversification: A variety of ways to make money, becoming an agent can achieve zero investment and high return. Investment Plans

PlanContracted Purchase PriceValid PeriodActivation Fee
GPT-B1$2.0030 Days$30.00/Order
GPT-B2$5.0030 Days$200.00/Order
GPT-B3$50.0030 Days$800.00/Order
GPT-B4$120.0030 Days$2000.00/Order
GPT-B5$320.0030 Days$5000.00/Order
GPT-B6$700.0030 Days$10000.00/Order
GPT-B7$1500.0030 Days$20000.00/Order
GPT-B8$4000.0030 Days$50000.00/Order
GPT-B9$9000.0030 Days$100000.00/Order


Is Mybothub Legit? is a ponzi scheme that would crash one day. So invest only the amount you can afford to loose.

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