Is Legit or Scam? is a newly released investment platform that claims to allow Nigerians make side income online through investment in the electric vehicle industry. claims to be an electric company that install and leases electric chargers to different locations in us. The company claims it is about to expand its operations and its in need of investors to invest and earn daily income. So basically when you invest in, the company uses yoour fund to invest in a prime location and as people come to charge their electric cars, you earn daily income.

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Benefits Of Investing In

  • New registration bonus: #300
  • Daily Free Product Earning : #48
  • Minimum withdrawal : #500
  • Minimum investment : #2,000
  • Daily Check-in : #30
  • Recommendation commission: 20%
  • #20 points can open a carousel lottery.

How To Join

Create an account with this registration link

How To Make Money

Nebula100 has always provided you with diverse financial possibilities.Welcome to becoming an investment partner, please check the detailed Nebula product package table at the top. Below is Nebula100 earning structure

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1. Make Money Via Bonus

➤Daily stay ₦10-30
➤Earn ₦38 on daily free products
➤You can get ₦30 for every friend you invite to register, and up to 40 members can get ₦1200

2. Make Money Via Referrals

➤When your Tier1 team members invest, you will get 15% cashback.
➤You will earn 3% cash back when your Tier2 team members invest.
➤You will earn 2% cash back when your Tier3 team members invest.
Team members receive cash rewards immediately after investing.

3. Make Money Via Team missions and bonuses

Invite 1 VIP member, or I invest ₦2000, upgrade to VIP1 ➤ Bonus ₦120
Invite 5 VIP member, or I invest ₦20000, upgrade to VIP2 ➤ Bonus ₦580
Invite 10 VIP member, or I invest ₦100000, upgrade to VIP3 ➤ Bonus ₦1800
Invite 20 VIP member, or I invest ₦200000, upgrade to VIP4 ➤ Bonus ₦3500
Invite 50 VIP member, or I invest ₦400000, upgrade to VIP5 ➤ Bonus ₦9000
Invite 90 VIP member, or I invest ₦900000, upgrade to VIP6 ➤ Bonus ₦24000

4. Make Money Via Task Completion

Below are the various tasks you can complete to earn money on

  • Registration cash ₦ 300.00
  • Perfect Person information Bonus ₦ 30.00
  • Download and install the application, reward ₦ 30.00
  • VIP level rules
    1. Complete one of the items
      • Invite 1 VIP member. 0/1
      • Personal investment reaching ₦2000. 0/2000
      • 120.00
    2. Complete one of the items
      • Invite 5 VIP members. 0/5
      • Personal investment reaching ₦20000. 0/20000
      • 580.00
    3. Complete one of the items
      • Invite 10 VIP members. 0/10
      • Personal investment reaching ₦100000. 0/100000
      • 1,800.00
    4. Complete one of the items
      • Invite 20 VIP members. 0/20
      • Personal investment reaching ₦200000. 0/200000
      • 3,500.00
    5. Complete one of the items
      • Invite 50 VIP members. 0/50
      • Personal investment reaching ₦400000. 0/400000
      • 9,000.00
    6. Complete one of the items
      • Invite 90 VIP members. 0/90
      • Personal investment reaching ₦900000. 0/900000

Remember, making money at Nebula100 is a long-term, gradual process, and it’s important to focus on adding value, learning and practicing to increase your wealth. Investment Plans

IDNamePrice (₦)Invest Term (days)Daily Income (₦)Total Income (₦)
N01Novice Project300548540
N02NIC-SE 80kW200028117.65292.8
N03NIC-SE 100kW900028562.3224744.96
N04NIC-SE 120kW20000301249.9257497.6
N05NIC-SE 150kW50000303571.2157136
N06NIC-SE 180kW100000356667.2333352
N07NIC-PRO 220kW2000003514285.76700001.6
N08NIC-PRO 250kW3500004023076.961273078.4
KA8NIC-PRO 280kW5000004541676.482375441.6
KA9NIC-PRO 330kW8000005080059.924802996

How To Recharge

  1. Minimum Recharge Order ₦2000.
  2. Please ensure that the payment amount is consistent with the order amount to avoid invalidation of your order.
  3. After the payment is successful, take a screenshot of the voucher and save it.
  4. Do not share deposit credentials with strangers and groups.
  5. If the payment is delayed for more than 15 minutes, please contact customer service to report the recharge issue.

Is Legit?

Nebula100 is a long term ponzi scheme that launched on the 3rd of November, 2023. So you can make a lot of money on the platform if you join early. You would have made enough money before it crashes.

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