Is Legit or Scam?

NOVUSTECH is a legit online Platform that launched on the 25th of september, 2023 and it pays you for simply being a member.

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Novus technology ( is of great innovative and genius ideas with sole ambition of raising positive financial Transformation & transmogrification. It claims it is the only platform coming to do the greater impossibilities & paradoxicals more than it was done in the past. In simple terms, Novustech is a task to earn platform where you make money from performing tasks like posting on social media, reading news, etc.

Novus Technology claims it is an online multipurpose system concerned with bringing connection between Entrepreneurs And Consumers. Novustech Is The Solution To The Past, Present And Future Challenges In Commercialization And Entrepreneurship.

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Novustech Encourages its customers To Have great adventure patronizing their services which allows them to perform simple daily tasks Which They Are Rewarded Accordingly With Daily Noval Cash By Using Our Advanced Digital System.


Novustech Earning Structure

Below are the different ways you can earn On this platform.

  • Normal Reg Fee: ~₦5000~
  • Discount Reg Fee: ₦4000
  • Welcome Bonus: ₦3,000
  • Direct Refferal bonus: ₦4000
  • Indirect refferal bonus: ₦300
  • 2nd indirect referral bonus: ₦100
  • Daily Login bonus: ₦300
  • Daily Task Earning: ₦600
  • Total Daily Earning: ₦900

Additional Features By Novustech

  • Novus Bet
  • Job Opportunities
  • Noval Mart
  • Referal Contest
  • Digital Courses
  • Fitness Tip
  • E-book marketing

How To Withdraw On Novustech

Referal Earnings: Can Be withdrawn every Tuesdays and Fridays with a minimum of 2 Referrals
Non Referal Earnings: Earnings can be Withdrawn anyday upon reaching a minimum of ₦20,000.

How To Get Started With

Below are steps you take to patronize novustech services and advanced marketing system, which requires you to becoming a bonafide user of Novus technology and enjoy all our modern and advanced innovations.

Purchase an activation/ coupon code from any of our verified agents.


Click on “register” & apply this activation code properly on the registration page along side your correct official details. accept terms & conditions and signup

Start earning & enjoying the benefits and the opportunities we have created, invented with our modern innovations

Is Legit? is an affliate platform that allow users subscribe to an earning system after paying for an activation key which is required during signup. The main way to make money from novustech is through referrals which means the system is solely based on the referral systems. If you are not able to refer, you wont earn anything meaningful on the platform

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