Is Legit or Scam? is the latest Investment platform trending in Nigeria at the moment. The platform promises people the ability to make money daily from investing in any of its investment products. The company claims to be an international oil company that allow Nigerians invest in oil wells or rigs across. the country. The company claims it polls investmnt from multiple people and then purchase oil wells and when the wells start generating income, it starts to pay its investors daily returns.

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When you invest in, you earn 20% daily returns. If for instance you invest just 1,000 naira, you would be earning 200 naira everyday for 30 days.

In this blog post, we wuld be analysing it is a legit platform or a fraudulent ponzi scheme indending to defraud Nigerians. Read on to find out our review.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • 250 naira welcome bonus
  • Minimum deposit of 1,000 naira
  • Mini withdrawal of 1,000 naira
  • 20% referral bonus

How To Join & Make Money

Making money on is easy, all you need to do is to follow the below straightforward process
  • Start by creating an account with this registration link
  • Login to your dashboard using your credentials
  • To Start investing, On the hompage, you would see a list of available investment plans.
  • Select the investment plan you are interested in and click the Buy now button.
  • A new page would be displayed with the company’s account details for you to make payment into.
  • Make payment to the account, and automatically the investment package would be activated and you start earning returns daily. Investment Plans

2000OW110 days₦ 200₦ 1,000
10000OW210 days₦ 1,000₦ 5,000
16000OW310 days₦ 1,600₦ 8,000
20000OW410 days₦ 2,000₦ 10,000
30000OW510 days₦ 3,000₦ 15,000
80000OW610 days₦ 8,000₦ 40,000
140000OW710 days₦ 14,000₦ 70,000
300000OW810 days₦ 30,000₦ 150,000 Referral Rewards

Oilwell offers cool referral rewards program. Here are the various referral levels:

  1. Level One (20%): When you refer someone to, and that person makes a purchase or investment on the platform, you will receive a bonus equal to 20% of the amount they invested. For example, if your referral invests ₦1,000, you would receive ₦200 as a bonus.
  2. Level Two (7%): In addition to the Level One bonus, if the person you referred also brings in new investors or referrals of their own, you will receive a Level Two bonus. This bonus is 7% of the investments made by the referrals brought in by your Level One referrals.
  3. Level Three (2%): Similarly, if the referrals of your Level Two referrals also start investing, you will receive a Level Three bonus. This bonus is 2% of the investments made by the referrals brought in by your Level Two referrals.

Is Legit or Scam is a ponzi scheme and a scam platform that may crash anytime. The website was setup with the intent of receiving money under the disguise of investing in oil wells. The platform might initially pay  some people but after some time, it would crash and vanish with peoples money. So be careful before investing in it.

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