Is Legit or Scam is a new agricultural investment platform that allow people invest in agriculture and earn huge daily returns. When you invest in agriculture, you are basically creating a positive impact as you are promoting food security. Olem-agric claims to be an agricultural firm with vast hectares of land it use to cultivate all kinds of crops. The company is soliciting for investments from people to invest in its agricultural program. The company claims it wants to use the  funds to get machineries it would use on its farm and then as it cultivates products and sells to consumers, it is able to make profit and pay back investors daily.

Join Our Investment Group Features

  • Minimum deposit ₦600
  • Minimum withdraw ₦400
  • Withdraw receive 1-5 minutes
  • 5% withdraw fee
  • ₦600 income ₦66 valid for 29 days
  • ₦5000 income ₦600 valid for 31 days
  • ₦10000 income ₦1300 valid for 33 days
  • ₦20000 income ₦2700 valid for 35 days
  • ₦30000 income ₦3950 valid for 37 days
  • ₦50000 income ₦6700 valid for 39 Days

How To Invest In

  • Register an account with this registration link
  • Click on the recharge menu to deposit money to your account. Follow the recharge instructions
  • After recharging your account, you can now go the the invest page and select any investment plan and invest in it.
  • After investing, withdraw your earnings daily.

Olem-Agric Investment Plans

PlanTypePriceValidityTotal IncomeDaily Income
CLASSIC 1Popular₦600.0029 Days1914 ₦₦66.00
CLASSIC 2Popular₦5,000.0031 Days18600 ₦₦600.00
CLASSIC 3Popular₦10,000.0033 Days42900 ₦₦1,300.00
CLASSIC 4Popular₦20,000.0035 Days94500 ₦₦2,700.00
CLASSIC 5Popular₦30,000.0037 Days146150 ₦₦3,950.00
CLASSIC 6Popular₦50,000.0039 Days261300 ₦₦6,700.00


Is Legit

Olem-agric is a ponzi scheme. In reality the company does not exist, its just a ponzi website setup by some people to make money and cashout. If you want to join this platform, ensure you invest only the amount you can afford to loose.

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