Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria that claims to allow people to make money online. Are you a single mom or a student and you are looking for an online website where you can make cash to take care of yourself? You might have come across and want to try it out. Before trying out this platform, ensure you read this post to the end to know if is legit or a scam.

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Benefits Of Joining

  • Welcome bonus is 200 naira
  • Minimum deposit 1500 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal 500 naira
  • Withdrawal Confirmed

How To Join

  • Create a new account with this registration link
  • Click on the Profile menu at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the recharge button to add money to your account
  • After funding your account, then you can now start investing
  • To Invest, click on the the “Plan” menu at the bottom to the screen
  • Select the Investment plan you are interested in and click the “Invest Now” button
  • You can withdraw your earnings anytime as long as you have up to 500 naira which is the minimum withdrawal amount Investment Plans

PackagePriceDaily IncomeValidity PeriodTotal Income
ORXY-PAY 1₦‎1,500.00₦‎450.0035 Days₦‎15,750.00
ORXY-PAY 2₦‎3,000.00₦‎900.0035 Days₦‎31,500.00
ORXY-PAY 3₦‎5,000.00₦‎1,500.0035 Days₦‎52,500.00
ORXY-PAY 4₦‎7,000.00₦‎2,100.0035 Days₦‎73,500.00
ORXY-PAY 5₦‎10,000.00₦‎3,000.0035 Days₦‎105,000.00
ORXY-PAY 6₦‎20,000.00₦‎6,000.0035 Days₦‎210,000.00
ORXY-PAY 7₦‎30,000.00₦‎9,000.0035 Days₦‎315,000.00
ORXY-PAY 8₦‎40,000.00₦‎12,000.0035 Days₦‎420,000.00
ORXY-PAY 9₦‎50,000.00₦‎15,000.0035 Days₦‎525,000.00
ORXY-PAY 10₦‎70,000.00₦‎21,000.0035 Days₦‎735,000.00
ORXY-PAY 11₦‎100,000.00₦‎30,000.0035 Days₦‎1,050,000.00
ORXY-PAY 12₦‎120,000.00₦‎36,000.0035 Days₦‎1,260,000.00
ORXY-PAY 13₦‎150,000.00₦‎45,000.0035 Days₦‎1,575,000.00


Is Legit?

We have conducted our research on  and our feedback is that the platform basically operates a ponzi scheme. There are a lot of red flags that suggest that its not a legit platform. Some of the red flags includes:

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  • doesn’t offer real product for sale or service that adds value to customers
  • provides no information on how its business works and how it makes money
  • is relatively new and doesn’t have enough reputation to be trusted
  • doesn’t have physical office or business operation space


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