Is Legit or Scam?

In this review, we would be discussing about a new platform called Palmblow. This platform just launched recently and it has been recieving attention from a lot of people. We would be discussing if this platform is legit or not.

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Palmblow is the dream of 12 successful business men who created a platform where people can earn money by reading news, performing daily task and bringing more people so as to increase their earnings with the time and data you spend online.

They created a platform called Palmblow, where the registered members can earn money with their mobile phone or computer as long you have access online.

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They provide people with opportunity to use the internet and make it a way of making extra cash with their mobile devices for FREE!!

The rate of people on social media who don’t make money online is unbelievable, Palmblow makes sure to provide an easy but profitable system for everyone to make money online.

Benefits Of Palmblow

  1. Fast Payments
  2. Entertaining Post
  3. Data Giveaway
  4. Refferal Contest (30k Weekly Payment)
  5. Cash Prizes & Giveaways
  6. Zero Charges Withdrawal
  7. Free Registration
  8. Daily Bonuses
  9. Pay per Tasks
  10. One of the motive of Palmblow is to help to reduce unemployment in the society and let people make money with there Mobile phone and Internet data.

How Palmblow Works

To clarify the question of “if palmblow platform is legit” and “how do they make their own money and still share that Money with people”. So let’s answer all the questions you have.

Palmblow claims it is able to make money through blogging  just like Linda Ikeji, Naijaloaded and Opera News.

As a team of bloggers and business men they pay their registered members through the money they make from hosting ads and task by business men who want their business seen (advertisement And Sponsored post) on their platform.

THey designed a system that allows them share their Earnings and Revenue with their members on 27th of every month.

How To Make Money On Palmblow

As a registered member, you make money on Palmblow in several ways:

  1. You earn N2,500 immediately after you successfully activated your account.
  2. Daily Logins: Earn upto N100 for logging into your Palmblow account daily.
  3. Reading News: Earn N20 per each content you read on our platform. Comments: You earn N20 for commenting on each posts on the website.
  4. Daily Tasks: Earn upto N600 for completing each tasks daily on the Palmblow.
  5. Sponsored Post: You earn N250 for sharing sponsored post on your FB account daily and also tagging your friends.
  6. Referral Bonus: You can earn up to N300 when you refer someone. This gives you more money than others (and it’s not compulsory).

NOTE: Referral is 100% optional. Yes! Non-referral earnings are definitely paid and paid completely by Palmblow. Unlike other sites, we keep to our words. You earn N30,000 for being the best affiliate earner of the week.

When You Get Paid On Palmblow

Referral earnings are withdrawn on the 27th of every months with minimum withdrawal as N10,000, while non-referral earnings are paid every 27th of every month. With minimum of N8,000

After registering, you start earn money and once it is time for withdrawal, simply request from your dashboard and get paid within 1-6hours. Very fast and easy.

How Make Money Via Referral Bonus

Earn ₦300 bonus per each friend you refer
Copy your referral link below & refer your friends/family. The more people you refer the more money you earn!

How To Make Money Via Referral Contest

Challenge the top earner! & Get ₦30,000 every Sunday by 4PM. Do you know you can be making ₦30,000 for #FREE every (Sunday-4PM) just by becoming a top referral earner?. Yes! Palmblow will pay you ₦30,000 by uptopping the referral chart list!

To Get Started, Copy & spread your referral link across all social media including Facebook, Telegram & WhatsApp groups, and invite people to join Palmblow using your referral link.

The more you refer, the more money you earn, and the more you stand a chance to win awoof ₦30,000 for being the highest referral earner of the week!

Is Palmblow Legit?

From our experiences with platforms like palmblow, we have discovered that they usually do not pay earnings as most of them dont have real business operation. They only decieve people to regoster on the platform and perform tasks, then when its time for withdrawal, they either shift the withdrawal date forward or give flimsy excuses for delayed withdrawal. So in essnence platforms like this end up wasting people’s time.

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  1. I can’t withdraw from my referral account why cause u said it legit but it keep saying referral withdrawal is currently not available ok this palmblow is not legit ooooo


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