Is Legit or Scam?


Pentair Ecotech Company was founded on July 6, 1966. It is an American water treatment company registered in Ireland. Headquartered in Minnesota, United States.

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At Pentair Ecotech, we help the world sustainably move, enhance and enjoy humanity’s most important resource – water. From our residential and commercial water solutions to industrial water management and everything in between, Pentair Ecotec is focused on intelligent, sustainable water solutions that help the planet and people thrive.

Pentair Ecotech Company(PECO) has a long history of innovation that has had a positive impact on people and the planet. To reflect this history and further our focus on achieving commercial success while driving a sustainable future, we are updating our purpose in 2023, as well as our mission and vision.

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Our purpose is to create a better world for people and planet through smart, sustainable water solutions.

Our mission is to help the world move, improve and enjoy water sustainably, and we are focused on creating value for our shareholders while being socially responsible.

Our vision is to enable our employees, customers and investors to participate in the great cause of improving the global environment.

Achieve your own value and attract more people to participate!

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Launched Date:24th November, 2023
Domain Registration Date:2nd November, 2023
Domain Expiry Date:2nd November, 2024
Owner Name:The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission3%
Referral Commission%
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How To Register

  1. Click this registration link.
  2. Fill in the 10-digit number used for registration. (Please do not add ‘234’ or ‘0’ in front when filling in the number).
  3. Fill in the login password.
  4. Click ‘Send’ and your phone will receive the verification code.
  5. Click Sign up

How To Invest

Step 1: Click on “Recharge” on the dashboard.

Step 2: Enter or click the amount you want to recharge,and select any charging mode (each charging mode is available, if one mode cannot be entered, please choose another). After completing the options, click ‘Recharge’ and you will enter the page displaying the payee information.

Step 3: Click to copy the payee account number. (Do not close the payee account page!!!)

Step 4: Use your commonly used transfer software and method, paste the payment number you just copied and complete the transfer. (You can use Qpay or Palmpay or bank app to complete the payment.)

Step 5: Click ‘I have made the payment’.

Step 6: After the recharge is completed, follow the steps to activate the product plan you selected.

How To Make Money From Peco Environmental Selfie Challenge

As long as someone completes the registration through your recommendation and invests in becoming a full-time employee of PECO, you can get the title of ‘Environmental Pioneer’.

Then, you need to provide your name and a photo of yourself to your manager, and you will receive an ‘Environmental Pioneer’ certificate.

  • After getting the certificate picture, open the display on your mobile phone, then take a photo of yourself with the certificate and send it to the manager, you will get ₦100 incentive bonus.
  • The bonus is limited to one time per person and is ₦100 per person.
  • Take action now and win your own ‘Environmental Pioneer’ and bonuses to make your team stronger! Investment Plans

PlanStatusDaily IncomeValidity PeriodTotal IncomePrice
WP28On Shelves₦14038 Days₦5,320₦2,800
WP68On Shelves₦319.642 Days₦13,423.2₦6,800
WP150On Shelves₦73541 Days₦30,135₦15,000
WP360On Shelves₦1,83640 Days₦73,440₦36,000
WP880On Shelves₦4,66439 Days₦181,896₦88,000
WP1280On Shelves₦7,04038 Days₦267,520₦128,000


How To Make Money from Referral Bonus

  1. Copy your dedicated link;
  2. Open the chat dialog box between you and your friends and paste the send link;
  3. Teach them to register and complete the investment.

You can follow the steps to recommend PECO’s plan to others now, popularize PECO’s great cause to them and teach them how to get benefits.

Recommended objects can be your family or neighbors, colleagues or classmates, relatives or friends. You can also send links on various social platforms or some groups and introduce PECO to them.

When someone registers through your link and successfully invests, the system review is completed, and your bonus will automatically be entered into your PECO account.

Is Legit or Scam? is a long term ponzi scheme that has been in operation for a while now. Even though the platform offers low commission, its been sustainable for a long time. Also the platform has the tendency to crash at any time.

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