Is Legit or Scam? claims to be a beverage company that allow users to invest in the beverage industry. If you are in need of an investment platform where you can invest your money and earn income daily, you can checkout In this review, we would be doing an analysis of the platform to determine if its legit or scam.

Join Our Investment Group Benefits

  • Launched on 8/11/2023
  • Minimum withdraw N1000
  • Minimum Deposit N3000

How To Join

  • Register a new account with this registration link
  • Fund your account by clicking on the “Recharge” button.
  • Invest in an investment plan
  • Earn Daily Returns
  • Withdraw your earnings
PlanMachine PriceDurationDaily IncomeTotal Income
1₦030 Days₦50₦1500
2₦300045 Days₦760₦34200
3₦750045 Days₦2090₦94050
4₦1800045 Days₦5688₦255960
5₦4500045 Days₦15418₦693810
6₦11000045 Days₦33208₦1494360
7₦22000045 Days₦71160₦3202200
8₦45000045 Days₦161296₦7258320
9₦90000045 Days₦379520₦17078400


How To Make Money Via Invitation Bonus

When your invited people make purchases of any product, you receive your interest commission. For the first level referral, you earn 28% of the product bought. For thee second and third level referral, you earn 1%

Join Telegram Channel Rules

  • Bonus is valid per IP Address
  • Earnings are available once your friend buys any product
  • All Earning should processed via Bank Transfer
  • Multiple accounts are not required for the same IP Address

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme, so only invest what you can afford to loose.

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