IS Legit or Scam?

There is a newly launched Investment platform in Nigeria called Pluapp ( This company allows Nigerians make money daily by investing in the cryptocurrency market. The company claims they get investment from investors and then use it to trade the cryptocurrency market and make profit due to fluctuations of crypto coins.
These are the benefits you get when you join the pluapp investment platform.

Join Our Investment Group

  • Daily profit : 6%
  • Minimum Investment: 3000 naira
  • Maximum Investment: 12000 naira
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 1800 naira

How To Make Money On

PLUAPP claims to be one of the best Nigeria investment app that gives 6% daily returns on investment from trading on their platform.

Step 1: Register an account by using this registration link

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Step 2: After creating an account, Login to you dashboard

Step 3: On your dashboard, Click on Recharge menu to add money to your wallet

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to invest and click the submit button

Step 5: A wem account would be generated for you, make a transfer of that amount to the account

Step 6: Your wallet would be funded instantly.

Step 7: On your dashboard, select a crypto coin you want to invest in, input the amount and the duration of your investment

Step 8: Relax and sit back while your investment grows.

How To Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings, login to your dashboard, select the withdraw menu, enter the mount you want to withdraw and input your bank details.

  • The minimum withdrawal amount on the platform is: NGN 1800
  • Withdrawal time: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. (Account within 24 hours)
  • Withdrawal will generate 20% tax (tax will be deducted from the account balance)
  • Withdrawal calculation formula: (total account balance – total recharge amount) ÷ 1.2 = funds you can withdraw.

Is Legit?

Pluapp is a new platform that just launched on the 1st of AUgust, 2023. Its difficult to tell if its a scam or legit right now. We would continue to understudy the platform and report our findings later. You can also share your experience about this platform in the comment section below.

39 thoughts on “IS Legit or Scam?”

    • It is not fraud u just have to follow simple instructions and u will be able to withdraw
      It the easiest platform I be known so far.believe me
      U can’t withdraw because u very not traded
      Or because u did not calculate the rut amount to withdraw
      Or because u very not traded enough amount dat u can withdraw
      Does are the reasons why u can’t withdraw
      U can chat me up and I will put u through 09038436374

  1. It is very legit I have withdrawn from it and am still trading up till now
    It is not a scam at least for now I don’t know about later
    But it is real everything typed up here is real
    I can explain how to trade and withdraw successfully to u if u are still interested 09038436374

  2. Please pluapp i need my money.don’t scam me that’s is the only me ney i have and you don’t want to give it back.send my acct 8134260025 fcmb.thank you.

  3. It’s a scam you won’t be able to withdraw this stated about 2 weeks ago please don’t trust this app I will advise you flag it on play store

    • yes they are scam, their CAC registration is not even legit… people have not been able to withdraw since last week Thursday. It is either they deduct the fund from the trading acct and not pay you. The people they posted on their telegram page as director, marketer and the likes. Their eyes don open self. some of the cant even withdraw millions they have there. They were blocked from logging into the account.


      • Smiles
        People cannot withdraw since last week Thursday and I still withdraw day be4 yesterday
        U people need to know how things work on plu and u will realize it not a scam
        U can chat me up and I will explain to u beta

  4. What is happening I want to withdraw this money the site is saying please re verify payment information. Pls any update on this

    • Same as me too I could not trade, I could not recharge so I was told to reverify account information. I saw in there WATSAPP group that users are to pay 20% tax of what is in dere wallet before one can proceed with transaction. SOME ONE SHOULD PLEASE SHED MORE LIGHT ON THIS PLEASE…..

    • I had withdrawn sometime last month from plu but the latest is that some persons hacked into their portal and they lost a lot of data thereby needing re-verification of your details before you can withdraw but the problem I have with that is that apart from the money in your wallet you still have to recharge your wallet with of your earning before your account can be verified for trading and withdrawals.

  5. Please nobody should pay them because that’s the way they continue with their scamming, forget about the funds there it’s gone.

  6. Same as me too I could not trade, I could not recharge so I was told to reverify account information. I saw in there WATSAPP group that users are to pay 20% tax of what is in dere wallet before one can proceed with transaction. SOME ONE SHOULD PLEASE SHED MORE LIGHT ON THIS PLEASE…..

  7. Don’t dare pay them any more money that’s how they operate soon they will pull out the plug so bare you lost and move on I’m also a victim

  8. Please you guys are making things difficult for others, one can no longer trade nor even withdraw his or her money I think we have all been scammed by plu

  9. Plu is a scam and this people need to be reported together with wema bank cos I think they know about this scam app and have been providing them different accounts to be scamming people , you can even withdraw your money and they’re even trying to scam more money from people with the excuses on there WhatsApp to make people deposit more

  10. Hi everyone pls I retract my comment about plu
    Have been trying to delete it but it not possible, i posted the comment when plu was paying well and we were all trading successfully,until recently,just last week dey stopped paying,people could not withdraw their funds and now no one can trade except by paying 20% tax of the amount in the wallet
    And pls for who ever thinks I am one of dem,pls I am not,I just wanted to help people to withdraw their funds dat was y I comment and fortunately some people messaged me earlier and they were able to withdraw,
    be4 plu stopped pls u can stop messaging me because I don’t even have a solution to whatever it dat is going on on plu now,I just wanted to help, Even I myself cannot trade or withdraw my funds
    So pls don’t misunderstand my comment.thank you🙏🙏


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