Is Legit or Scam?

Pluto Link is a start-up company in Nigeria. The company claims people can make money on their website by investing in their investment packages. When you invest in Pluto space, you earn Daily returns of 20%.

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The company claims to be operating a cattle farm that breeds cow, calves and produce milk. The quality of Pluto Link is guaranteed by the calm comfort and freedom of living in an excellent farming practice that complies with animal welfare. To maximize food safety,

How To Invest In & Make Money.

  1. Create an account using this registration link
  2. Login with your credentials and click on “Buy Coins” to purchase coins you would use to invest.
  3. An account number would be generated, make payment to it and also upload evidence of payment on that same page.
  4. Select the investment package you want to invest in. The various investment packages are listed below
  5. Invest and track your earnings. Investment Platform

Space TypePriceDiscounted PriceDurationTotal Price
Pluto 1 Space₦2,500.00₦500.0030 Days₦2,500.00
Pluto 2 Space₦5,700.00₦1,350.0030 Days₦5,700.00
Pluto 3 Space₦10,000.00₦2,300.0030 Days₦10,000.00
Pluto 4 Space₦15,000.00₦4,000.0030 Days₦15,000.00
Pluto 5 Space₦30,000.00₦7,500.0030 Days₦30,000.00
Pluto 6 Space₦50,000.00₦13,000.0030 Days₦50,000.00
Pluto 7 Space₦70,000.00₦18,000.0030 Days₦70,000.00
Pluto 8 Space₦150,000.00₦38,000.0030 Days₦150,000.00
Pluto 9 Space₦350,000.00₦88,000.0030 Days₦350,000.00
Pluto 10 Space₦500,000.00₦138,000.0030 Days₦500,000.00
Pluto 11 Space₦940,000.00₦260,000.0030 Days₦940,000.00


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Make Money Via Referral

Receive 20% for every friend you invite. Invitees will become your friends after registering with your invitation code, and you will get 20% bonus after your friends successfully deposit, until then you can still get the rebate for your friends to receive dairy cows and get the rebate for both topping up and receiving calves, which is permanent.

Is Legit?

Pluto link is a ponzi scheme that launched today 23/8/2023. If you join fast now, you would make a lot of money before it crashes. Register with this registration link and get free 300 naira bonus.

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