Is Qi Group Of Companies Fake or Legit?

Have you ever heard of QI Group of Companies? If you are looking for a job, there are chances that you might have come across this name and wondered if it’s a real company or just another scam. In this blog post, we’re going to uncover the reality behind QI Group of Companies and why you should be cautious.

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Based On Our Review the Qi Group Of Companies Is a popular employment scam in Nigeria. The Qi Group Of Companies is fake and a scam and if anyone is trying to convince you to pay money to join the company, run far away and dont pay anything.

How Qi Group Of Companies Scam Works

The QI Group of Companies scam works like this: Job seekers are tricked into paying a lot of money for a job that doesn’t exist.

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Here’s how it happens: Imagine you’re looking for a job, and a friend tells you about a great job opportunity at a company called QI Group. They say it’s an international company that pays in dollars, and it sounds amazing.

So, you get excited and go for an interview. During the interview, they tell you that you got the job, but there’s a catch – you have to pay a huge amount of money, like 480,000 Naira, to secure the job.

Desperate for work, you might try to borrow money or take out a loan to pay this fee, thinking it’s your chance to have a good job. But here’s the problem: there is no real job. It’s all a scam.

These scammers prey on people who are desperate for employment. They take the money and disappear, leaving you in a tough spot, both financially and emotionally.

In reality, legitimate companies don’t ask you to pay money to get a job. So, it’s crucial to be careful and skeptical of any job offer that requires you to pay a lot of money upfront. Doing your research and being cautious can help you avoid falling victim to these scams, which can cause a lot of financial and emotional stress.

The real Qi Group of Companies is called Qnet Ltd. It used to have other names like QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited. This company is based in Hong Kong and is owned by the QI Group. They sell different things like energy products, stuff for managing your weight, nutrition items, personal care stuff, things for your home, and even fashion accessories. They sell these things online.

So a lot of Nigerian scammers are basically impersonating the real Qi Group of Companies or Qnest to scam people especially prospective job seekers. They even go as far as printing fake employment letter as seen below.

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  1. It’s only when u’re into something that u know the legidity of it…. Proudly a Qnet member…. Believe it or not it pays 🤪🤪

  2. If you think is not paying you’re waisting your time over there….I argue each and every one here not to play with an opportunity like this, because this is the business that is paying now, is a foreign campany business……


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