Is Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be looking at a newly launched investment platform called We would be analysing if this platform is real or scam. claims to be the investment arm of the popular american beverage company Redbull. The website claims that redbull is currently in need of fresh investments from investors and people who invest would get to earn daily interest and make a lot of money from the platform. All these assumptions have not been confirmed by the original red bull company which is why we are making this blog post to determine if this is real or scam

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Benefits Of

  • Launched on 2/11/2023
  • Minimum recharge is 2,500 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 naira

How To Join

Create a new account with this registration link Investment Plans

Event NamePeriodDailyTotalPricePrice
Big Wave Challenge100Days₦500₦50,000₦2,500₦2,500
Crankworx World Tour100Days₦1,000₦100,000₦5,000₦5,000
Red Bull Dual Ascent100Days₦1,600₦160,000₦8,000₦8,000
24MX GetzenRodeo100Days₦2,000₦200,000₦10,000₦10,000
Red Bull Dance World100Days₦4,000₦400,000₦20,000₦20,000
Red Bull Flugtag100Days₦6,000₦600,000₦30,000₦30,000
World RX of South Africa100Days₦10,000₦1,000,000₦50,000₦50,000
Red Bull Formula Nürburgring100Days₦20,000₦2,000,000₦100,000₦100,000
UCI Mountain Bike World Cup100Days₦40,000₦4,000,000₦200,000₦200,000
Red Bull Cliff Diving World100Days₦60,000₦6,000,000₦300,000₦300,000
Red Bull King of the Air100Days₦100,000₦10,000,000₦500,000₦500,000
Red Bull Hardline100Days₦160,000₦16,000,000₦800,000₦800,000

How To Withdraw

Below are the information you need to be aware of when withdrawing from

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  • Daily withdrawal time is 08:00-20:00
  • The amount of a single withdrawal is NGN 1000-NGN 500,000
  • A tax of 3% of the withdrawal amount will be deducted for each withdrawal. Referral Program

You earn commissions when you refer people to and they end up investing in an investment package.

One-Time Commission

You earn 30%+1%+1% as Promotion commission ratio when your referral invest.

  • Direct referral (level 1):30%
  • Indirect referral (level 2):1%
  • Indirect recommendation (level 3):1%

If you invite A to invest successfully, you will get a reward of 30%of A’s total investment. If A invites B , you will get 1% of B’s total investment. If B invites C, you will get 1% of C’s total investment.

Is Legit?

Redbulls is a ponzi scheme and so should be treated so. Only invest what you can afford to loose. Also as at this writing, there is no valid proof of payment.

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