Is Legit or Scam?

A lot of Nigerians are looking for ways to make extra income online from the comfort of their home. This has caused a lot of ponzi schemes to spring up offering users investment plans with huge daily returns. While most of these are scams and would not probably pay withdrawal requests, there are still some legit ponzi schemes out there that pay when you request withdrawal. All you need to do is to ensure you join the platform at an early stage, that way you would be able to make your money back and some profits before it collapses.

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Reima is a new ponzi scheme claiming to be an innovative technology platform for production of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves.

Reima claims its aim is to generate clean & affordable electricity, using a simple but smart design, allowing their floaters to be attached to existing man-made structures, and thereby simplifying installation and maintenance as well as accessibility.

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Benefits Of

  • Launched today – 17/10/2023
  • Minimum deposit is 1,000 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 700 naira.

How To Join

Create a new account with this registration link Investment Plans

REIMA 1N1000N25043days
REIMA 2N2,500N62543days
REIMA 3N5,000N1,30043days
REIMA 4N12,000N3,00043days
REIMA 5N20,000N5,00043days
REIMA 6N30,000N7,50043days
REIMA 7N60,000N15,00043days
REIMA 8N 1100,000N25,00043days
REIMA 9N N120,000N30,00043days
REIMA 10N250,000N62,50043days
REIMA 11N500,000N125,00043days
REIMA 12N900,000N225,00043days


Is Legit?

Reimamall is a ponzi scheme that just started operation on 17th of october, 2023. There is no withdrawal evidence from the platform yet, so we do not advice you invest in the platform. But we would keep updating this page.

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