Is Legit or Scam is a recently released ponzi website that just launched on 11/9/2023. The company claims you can make a lot of money by investing in some of its engineering investment plans. The company offers a variety of investment packages that users can choose from. When you invest in ronix, you earn between 30% to 50% daily. This is a very high return on investmnt, but this is usually what ponzi schemes like offers to lure their victims who want to make fast money online.

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In this blog post, we would be doing an analysis of ronix, how it works, and also give our verdict whether you should invest in it or totally avoid the platform.

What is claims to be a germany based engineering firm founded in 2004 to provide innovative solutions and aspire for perfections. This text was exactly what was found on website, and when we did our investigation, we found out that copied the about us from a popular germany based website that sells engineering tools ( This means is a ponzi scheme thats impersonating a german based company called ronixhub. THis is a strategy for to appear legit to decieve their unsuspecting customers or investors into believing they are the real company so they can part away their money to these scammers.

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EquipmentPriceDaily Income
Angle Grinders₦4,800.00₦1,536.00
Electric Saws₦9,600.00₦3,168.00
Electric Planers₦27,000.00₦9,180.00
Paint Sprayer₦48,000.00₦16,800.00
Welding Machine₦78,000.00₦28,860.00
Batteries Charger₦96,000.00₦37,440.00
Water Pump₦180,000.00₦73,800.00
Portable Generator₦270,000.00₦118,800.00

Is Legit.

Based on our review and feedbacks, we can conclude that is a scam. A ponzi scheme setup by fraudulent Nigerians who want to defraud innocent users.

Firstly the website is impersonating They copied their pictures and texts from and posed as if their are the real company. They are now asking people to invest in their platform with the promise of earning as high as 50% daily. No legitimate investment company in this world can pay investors up to 50% daily return.

So if you dont want to loose your money, avoid because if you invest your money with them, its gone as you wont be able to get it back.

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