Is Sales Ranking Assistant Real or Fake (Sra Review)

In this blog post, we would be exploring a new money making platform called Sra or Sales ranking assistant to determine if its a scam or legit. Sra is a popular platform that has been making waves recently in Nigeria. The platform convinces people to invest money to double it within few days.

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SRA claims to be an eCommerce sales assistance agency that specializes in providing services to online retail stores. The y claim they provide services such as marketing, simplified shop templates for ease of access for beginners in the ecommerce industry. The platform also claims it is in partnership with Amazon help new vendors get onboard the platform and make sales

Benefits Of Joining SRA

  • No higher commission orders
  • Profits are paid instantly
  • Registration of people is acceptable from any country in the world
  • The SRA job is easy to understand
  • Members are being attended to, one after the other, to resolve their issues
  • There are Bonus events to encourage members work harder

How Sales Ranking Assistant Work

To make money on SRA, you need to participate in a task called “Grabbing”. Before you start grabbing you must open an SRA account and deposit a minimum of $100. For those who want to make as upto $1,000-$1,500 per day, can deposit up to $10,000 depending on your financial capability

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How To Join SRA


Start by creating an account on SRA by visiting Go to the registration page, fill in your details and click on the “Register” button.


After registration, the next process is to fund your account.You would need to fund your account with USDT. You can purchase usdt from any crypto p2p platform like paxful or binance p2p. To get your wallet address, login to your SRA dashboard, click on “Funding”, and get your wallet address. Below is the steps to fund your Sra Wallet.

  • Open the SRA App / website
  • Click on Deposit as shown above
  • Click on Next Step
  • Enter the amount of the deposit
  • Then click on Go Pay
  • Wait, to obtain a deposit wallet address
  • After obtaining the deposit wallet address
  • Click on the Copy address
  • Minimize the SRA App


Is SRA Legit?

SRA is a scam, and it has stopped paying. The platform people into believing they help small companies gain exposure in e-commerce, but in reality, they’re just a fraudulent platform defrauding people of their hard earned money.

SRA operates in various countries, using cryptocurrency Usdt to conduct transactions, making it hard to track the money flow. It’s estimated that they might scam over 100 million US Dollars.

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