Is Legit or Scam?

Samwon is a wholesaler and distributor of professional audio and video solutions. Founded in 1992, the company is committed to providing high-quality audio and video overall solutions to the global market.

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Samwon has always been committed to providing Nigerian families with affordable products that suit their lifestyles.

Through continuous product development, the company aims to provide product design and functionality that maintains market appeal and keeps up with the latest trends.

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The core of Samwon is to continuously provide better products to improve the lives of Nigerian people and bring more stable income to everyone. Investment Plans

Plan No.Project AmountDaily profitTotal incomeCycle
01₦3000.005.00%₦27000.00180 Days
02₦5000.005.00%₦45000.00180 Days
03₦10000.005.00%₦90000.00180 Days
04₦30000.005.00%₦270000.00180 Days
05₦50000.005.00%₦450000.00180 Days
06₦100000.005.00%₦900000.00180 Days
07₦200000.005.00%₦1800000.00180 Days
08₦500000.005.00%₦4500000.00180 Days
09₦1000000.005.00%₦9000000.00180 Days Referral Program Lucrative Compensation Plan

Level 000.0%5.0%
Level 151.0%6.0%
Level 2102.0%7.0%
Level 3203.0%8.0%
Level 4505.0%10.0%
Level 51107.5%12.5%
Level 620010.0%15.0%
Level 732013.0%18.0%
Level 855017.0%22.0%
Level 980022.0%27.0%
Level 10120027.0%32.0%

Team size is limited to valid users registered through your invitation link

  • When purchasing any plan, the company provides a 5.0% fixed income reward for the platform referrers.
  • If someone registers and purchase any plan through your invitation link, you will receive up to 30.0% invitation bonus.
  • When your number of people meets the Level upgrade requirements, you can get additional bonus income of up to 27.0%. Example: Purchase Plan No.6 for ₦ 100,000. You as a referrer will receive ₦5000. If you are Level 8, you will also receive an additional daily income of 100000 X (5%+27%)=₦32000. The higher the Level, the higher the income bonus. Withdrawal Schedule

Withdrawal time is every Mondays to Sundays (7×24 hour), and you can withdraw your money at any time. Withdrawals will reach your account within 24 hours.

Is Legit? is a new ponzi scheme that promises users the ability to earn money from the comfort of their home. If you want to make money on this platform, ensure you join early and invest.

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