Is Legit or Scam? is a new ponzi scheme in town thats claiming to be an investment platform trying to lure victims into investing in its ponzi scheme.The website has a lot of characteristics that indicates its a ponzi scheme and these are the things we would be discussing in this blog post.

Join Our Investment Group is just a shabbily built website by scammers with little to no information about what the company offers or what the platform does. The only information on the website is just the promise of huge daily returns. There is no information about the founders or owners of the company, there is no information about the way the company generates money to be able to pay returns, also no other information about the earning structure of the company.

So based on these observations, we advice that you do not invest in this platform so as not to loose your money.

Join Telegram Channel Investment Plans

VIP LevelInvestment AmountDaily Return (NGN)336 Days Total Return (NGN)
VIP 1₦2,000.00240.0080,640.00
VIP 2₦6,000.00720.00241,920.00
VIP 3₦10,000.001,200.00403,200.00
VIP 4₦20,000.002,400.00806,400.00
VIP 5₦50,000.006,000.002,016,000.00
VIP 6₦150,000.0018,000.006,048,000.00
VIP 7₦350,000.0036,000.0012,096,000.00
VIP 8₦500,000.0060,000.0020,160,000.00

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