Is Legit or Scam? is the latest investment platform that just launched in Nigeria. Thi platform promises users the opportunity to make a lot of money from investments. offers a wide variety of investment plans at different prices with different returns. If you are in need of a quick way to make money, is something you might checkout. has a lot of risk as the platform is a ponzi scheme. In this blog post, we would be analysis everything about to determine if its legit or a scam.

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Benefits of

  • Launched Today: 7/10/2023 by 9AM
  • Minimum withdrawal of N1000*
  • N250 Welcome bonus*
  • 6% withdrawal Fee Investment Plans

SHIELD 🛡️Daily IncomeDurationTotal Income
3000₦ 50030 Days₦ 15,000
10,000₦ 1,67030 Days₦ 50,000
20,000₦ 3,34030 Days₦ 100,000
50,000₦ 8,34030 Days₦ 250,000
100,000₦ 16,67030 Days₦ 500,000
200,000₦ 33,34030 Days₦ 1,000,000
500,000₦ 83,34030 Days₦ 2,500,000
1,000,000₦ 166,67030 Days₦ 5,000,000


Make Money Via Referral Bonus offers fantastic referral bonus offer that allow you make money when you invite users to join and invest in the platform. Below is the amount you earn for each referral level.

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*15% first generation*
*3% second generation*
*2% third generation*

Is Legit? is a ponzi scheme and based o n our analysis, the platform can crash at anytime. So we advice that you avoid this platform or only invest what you can afford to loose.

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