Is Legit or Scam?

Shipleyhub is a financial empowerment organization that tends to eradicate poverty from our society by helping it’s members or registered users to maximize their investment profits without any lost.

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Portals for grants and financial assistance will be open to those that works with the organization. claims it offer shares from others humanities groups/organization to their verified users, by making them gain daily, weekly and monthly benefits.

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Payment are made directly to users account, without any glitch. Users can withdraw their funds alongside their profits on due date with no withdrawal charges.

How To Invest & Make Money

  • Create an account with this registration link
  • Fund your wallet through the recharge button
  • Invest in any of the available investment plans
  • Withdraw your earnings Investment Plans offers various investments plans. They offer investment plans that return roi daily, weekly and monthly.

Roi Investment

20% Daily Returns

  • Type: Low stakeholders
  • Minimum Deposit: 400 NGN
  • Maximum Deposit: 2,400 NGN
  • ROI Action: 1 TIMES
  • Capital Return: On
  • Payback: 20% Daily

45% Weekly Returns

  • Type: Medium stakeholders
  • Minimum Deposit: 3,000 NGN
  • Maximum Deposit: 8,250 NGN
  • ROI Action: 1 TIMES
  • Capital Return: On
  • Payback: 45% Weekly

50% Weekly Returns

  • Type: Premium stakeholders
  • Minimum Deposit: 9,000 NGN
  • Maximum Deposit: 30,000 NGN
  • ROI Action: 1 TIMES
  • Capital Return: On
  • Payback: 50% Weekly

Fixed Investment


  • Type: Mega stakeholders
  • Deposit: 40,000 NGN
  • ROI Action: Lifetime TIMES
  • Capital Return: On
  • Payback: 100% Weekly

Is Legit or Scam? Is a ponzi scheme. So if you invest, you might be able to recover your funds and make profit or loose your money entirely. Ponzi schemes are no different from betting platforms.

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