Is Sktvip Legit or Scam (

Sktvip ( Trading app is a newly launched trading and investment platform that allow users invest or rent trading robots to perform trades or them and earn daily income from the profits of the trade.
Below are the benefits you get when you register with the Sktvip trading app.

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  • Minimum deposit is 4000 naira
  • Minimum withdrawal is 2500 naira
  • Withdrawal charges is 18%

What is Sktvip?

Sktvip, short for Sktvip Trading App, is a recently launched trading and investment platform. The core idea behind Sktvip is to enable users to invest in or rent trading robots. These robots autonomously execute trades on behalf of users, aiming to generate profits from successful trades. What’s particularly appealing is that users can earn a daily income based on the profits generated by these trading robots.

How to Join Sktvip

To become a part of this platform, all you need to do is sign up on their official website at You can use the provided referral link or navigate directly to the registration page. After completing the registration process, you become a member of the Sktvip community, ready to explore the various ways to earn money.

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How to Make Money from Sktvip

Sktvip offers its users several avenues to make money:

  1. Daily Profits: One of the primary ways to earn from Sktvip is by receiving a daily profit. Sktvip promises an impressive 10% daily profit on your investment. This means that by investing a certain amount, you can earn a fixed percentage of that amount daily.
  2. Compound Investment: Sktvip also offers a compounding investment option. Depending on your investment amount, you can earn varying daily amounts. For instance, investing ₦4000 can yield ₦400 daily, while a ₦15000 investment can bring in ₦1500 daily.
  3. Referral System: Like many online platforms, Sktvip offers a referral system. By inviting friends and acquaintances to join Sktvip using your referral link, you can earn additional income based on their investments and activities on the platform.

Sktvip Investment Plans

Sktvip’s investment plans are designed to cater to a range of budgets. With a minimum investment requirement of ₦4000 and a maximum investment cap of ₦15000, the platform accommodates both small and relatively larger investors. This flexibility allows users to choose a plan that aligns with their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Make Money from Sktvip through Referrals

The referral system employed by Sktvip adds an extra layer of income potential. By sharing your referral link with others and encouraging them to join, you can earn a percentage of the investments they make. This system incentivizes users to expand Sktvip’s user base while reaping rewards for their efforts.

Is Sktvip Legit or Scam?

Sktvip is a scam and a ponzi scheme.

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