Is Sleepless ai Airdrop Legit or Scam | How To Claim

In this guide, we would be reviewing a new airdrop for a newly released cryptocurrency project called Sleepless. A lot of people have come across the sleepless ai airdrop and want to find out if its legit or a scam. This blog post would reveal everything you need about this platform and also provide you with steps on how to claim the airdrops.

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Sleepless AI is a web3 virtual game that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It’s like a virtual representation of yourself in a game, where you can have rich and adventurous adventures with various characters. This game is designed to be a unique and innovative platform that combines AI and blockchain to create a beautiful gaming experience. The goal of sleepless ai is to change how games are played and create emotional and immersive experiences. Sleepless AI wants to be different by using advanced AI and blockchain in a seamless way.

How Sleepless Ai Works

$AI is the native utility token of Sleepless AI($AI) and is used for the following functions:

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  • Top-up discount: $AI holders can have a top-up discount with in-game tokens.
  • In-game purchase: $AI can be exchanged for in-game tokens, which can be used to purchase clothes, accessories, upgrade cards, etc.
  • Governance: $AI token holders can vote on gameplay governance decisions, including prioritizing in-game item upgrades (e.g upgrade accessories from SR to SSR), or deciding future Accessories/New Boyfriend Types.
  • ▪️Fee Accrual: users who stake $AI can accrue transaction fee income based on their governance weight.
  • ▪️In-game PK: used for users who stake $AI to vote for their own boyfriends/girlfriends to compete, with the winner receiving more rewards.

How To Claim Airdrop

  • Sign up and Log in to your account.
  • To Get free $AI airdrop rewards, you need to stake $BNB, $FDUSD or $TUSD to farm $AI.
  • Your rewards would be updated every hour.

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