Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched naira investment platform that just launched in Nigeria on the 13th of september 2023. This new platform is already gaining traction and popular as a lot of Nigerians are rushing to invest because the platform is already paying withdrawals. In this blog post, we would be checking if is legit or a scam and we would give reasons whether you should invest or avoid the platform.

Join Our Investment Group Benefits

  • Minimum deposit N1500
  • Minimum withdrawal N1000

How To Make Money On

  • Create a new account with this registration link
  • Deposit money into your account
  • Use the deposited money to invest in an investment plan Investment Plans

ProductPrice (₦)CycleDaily ProfitsTotal Profit (₦)
Meta Quest 2 Active Pack1500300 Days21%/₦3151500
Meta Quest 2 Standard Facial Interface3000300 Days26%/₦7803000
Meta Quest Pro Replacement Kit5000300 Days28%/₦14005000
Razer Facial Interface for Meta Quest 210000300 Days30%/₦300010000
D-Link VR Air Bridge20000300 Days32%/₦640020000
Meta Quest Pro Charging Dock Replacement40000300 Days34%/₦1360040000
Soundcore by Anker Wireless VR Earbuds80000300 Days36%/₦2880080000
Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset for Meta Quest 2100000300 Days38%/₦38000100000
Meta Quest Touch Pro Controller Bundle200000300 Days39%/₦78000200000
Meta Quest Pro300000300 Days40%/₦120000300000
Meta Quest 2500000300 Days42%/₦210000500000
Meta Quest 3800000300 Days45%/₦360000800000


How To Make Money From Referrals

31%+3%+1% / One-Time Commission
When your Level 1 referrals make a payment, you will obtain 31% of his payment amount as referral commission immediately. And you obtain 3% of your Level 2’s payment amount, and 1% of your Level 3’s.

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 5% Share of Lv.1’s Daily Return
When your Level 1 referrals start to obtain daily return from his investment plans, you will obtain a 1% extra share of that return on a daily basis as well.

₦100 / Per Valid Refer
You will obtain ₦100 as bonus when any of your Level 1 referrals make a payment and become a valid member. This bonus is only given for one time on the same referral.

Is Legit is a new ponzi scheme that launched on 13/9/2023. Basically all ponzi schemes would crash one day, but at the moment is paying withdrawals and coupled with the fact that it just launched. You can join early and you might make enough money before it crashes. But always ensure you invest only the amount you can afford to loose as ponzi platforms are no different from betting platforms.

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