Is Legit or Scam?

SocialEarning is a platform that connects advertisers and earners, where advertisers can post social media tasks for earners to perform, such as liking posts and following accounts. Earners are paid for completing these tasks. There is no earning limit, and users can work as much as they want, with some freelancers using SocialEarning full-time. Earners can also earn more through referrals and staying active on the site.

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The platform is a task to earn platform and not an investment company, making it safe to use. A one-time registration fee is charged to become a member. Users can withdraw their earnings once they reach the minimum amount of 1000 naira, with withdrawals processed to their selected bank accounts. Referrals are not required to withdraw funds.

How To Make Money On

To get started as an earner, users need to register, activate their account with a one-time payment of 1000 naira, and add their bank account for easy withdrawals. Advertisers also register, fund their wallet with a minimum deposit of 1000 naira, and post tasks to boost their social media presence.

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Step 1: Register as EARNER and login to your accounts. Your information are 100% secured

Step 2: Activate your accounts by making a one time payment (1000 naira only). Boom!!! you can now earn massively from the platform

Strp 3: Add your bank accounts and withdraw your funds to your local banks without any Referrer required. Payment are delivered in seconds (Minimum withdraw is 1000 naira only)

Verification of email address is required for all users, and fake or idle accounts are rejected. Failure to comply with the platform’s terms and conditions can result in temporary account suspension. However, accounts can be reactivated, and earnings will be restored accordingly.

Make Money From Performing Tasks

You can make a lot of money on by performing tasks such as following accounts, liking posts, commenting on posts, streaming music, retweeting posts, and many more social media enagements. In return, Earners are paid for completing these simple tasks on social media.

To get started, login to your dashboard and click on the tasks menu to see list of available tasks. Select a task you want to do, read through the instructions to understand it, perform the task and then go back to the page to upload evidence of completion. You wallet would be credited with the amount attached to the task.

Make Money From Referrals

For each user you refer who creates an account as an earner, you receive 300 naira. Additionally, if the user you refer creates an account as an advertiser (poster) and makes their first deposit, you earn 0.5% of that deposit. Staying active on the site and performing more tasks also allows you to increase your earnings.

How To Withdraw

You are eligible to withdraw your money anytime you reach the minimum withdrawal limit which is 1000 naira (NO REFERRAL NEEDED). And your withdrawal will be sent to your selected added bank accounts immediately. if you don’t receive your money after 24hrs kindly contact the admin.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a 100% safe and reliable platform. it is not an investment company therefore you can not lose what you never invested with with them. They render services to advertisers and pay you the promoter to promote their services. They only charge a one time registration fee to become a member. That simple.

NB: You dont need to refer anyone before you can withdraw. once you reach the minimum withdraw you can withdraw your money to the bank you added to your account.


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