Is Legit or Scam? is a newly launched investment platform that launched today 15/10/2023, claims to be a manufacturer of solar equipments like panels, batteries, etc. The company claims it is looking for investment funds to be able to finance its operations and investors who invest in any of its investment plans would earn juicy daily returns between 15% to 40%.

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Benefits Of

  • Newly launched – 15/10/2023
  • Minimum deposit 1000 naira
  • Minimum withdraw 1000 naira

How To Join

Create a new account with this registration link Investment Plans

Free₦250.0030 Days₦50.00
Plan 1₦1,000.0030 Days₦220.00
Plan 2₦3,000.0030 Days₦920.00
Plan 3₦5,000.0030 Days₦1,620.00
Plan 4₦10,000.0030 Days₦3,520.00
Plan 5₦20,000.0030 Days₦7,220.00
Plan 6₦40,000.0030 Days₦15,220.00
Plan 7₦80,000.0030 Days₦32,200.00
Plan 8₦100,000.0045 Days₦42,200.00
Plan 9₦300,000.0045 Days₦132,200.00
Plan 10₦500,000.0045 Days₦230,200.00
Plan 11₦1,000,000.0045 Days₦500,000.00


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Is Legit? is a long term ponzi scheme that launched today 15/10/2023. So to make money from the platform, you need to join early, invest and also ensure to refer people.

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