Is Legit or Scam? is a new renewable energy investment platform that allow users invest in renewable energy sources and earn huge return on investment daily. The company claims to be in the business of procurement, installation and maintenance of solar systems. The company is sourcing for investments to be able to source new solar system kits and then its ready to pay returns on investments daily to its investors.

Join Our Investment Group Features

  • 700 naira welcome bonus
  • Referral bonus is 20%, 5% and 1%
  • Minimum withdrawal is 1,000 naira

How To Join

Create a new account with this registration link

How To Make Money on

1. Buy products and start making money.
When you buy a product, the platform will help you rent your product to other users who have rental needs, and then you can get a fixed high rental income every day. Product earnings automatically reach your account balance every day.)

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2. Earn money with free tasks.
Invite your friends to sign up and purchase products, your friend will directly receive a cash reward of ₦700 after registration, which will be sent automatically!

3. Make money through team commissions, which are as high as 20%-5%-1%.
For example, if you are a registered member:

1. You can get 20% of the purchase of level 1 subordinates
2. You can get 5% of the purchase of level 2 subordinates
3. You can get 1% of the purchase of level 3 subordinates

(For example, if your first-level subordinate purchase 100,000 naira product, you can directly get a commission reward of 10,000 naira which will be directly credited to your account balance as a team commission)

4. Enter the official telegram group, get the treasure chest key and open the treasure chest to receive a random amount of cash rewards Investment Plans

BrandBuy NowPrice (₦)Validity PeriodDaily Earnings (₦)Total Earnings (₦)
PanasonicBuy Now3,00030 Days3009,000
REC GroupBuy Now5,00030 Days52015,600
Hanwha Q CELLSBuy Now10,00030 Days1,10033,000
Trina SolarBuy Now20,00030 Days2,20066,000
JA SolarBuy Now50,00030 Days5,500165,000
AstronergyBuy Now100,00030 Days11,500345,000
Hyundai SolarBuy Now200,00030 Days22,000660,000
Seraphim SolarBuy Now500,00030 Days57,0001,710,000
LONGi SolarBuy Now1,000,00030 Days120,0003,600,000
RenogyBuy Now1,500,00030 Days200,0006,000,000

How To Withdraw

1. The minimum withdrawal amount is: ₦1000.
2. The withdrawal fee is 10% flat for everyone
3. Withdrawal time is 24/7, Withdrawals will arrive wihin 24 hours after submission.
4.Theres no max limit on withdrawal amount.

Is Legit? is a new ponzi scheme that just launched. IF you join, you might make money before it crashes or loose money entirely. So be wise and invest only what you can afford to loose.

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