Is Legit or Scam?

We bring to you another newly launched investment company in Nigeria called This new platform claims its an investment company with years of experience and its aim is to provide Nigerians especially the youths the opportunity to make money through investments.

Join Our Investment Group Features & Benefits

  • Newly launched (2/10/2023)
  • Deposit and withdrawal are open 24 hours
  • Withdrawal is once a day for Each user
  • All user must join whatsapp and Telegram group
  • Minimum Deposit is #1000
  • Minimum Withdrawal is 500

How To Join

Register a new account with this registration link Investment Plans

VIP LevelMinimum DepositDaily EarningsDuration
VIP 1₦1,000₦249.8015 days
VIP 2₦3,000₦75015 days
VIP 3₦6,000₦1,50015 days
VIP 4₦10,000₦2,510.415 days
VIP 5₦15,000₦3,75015 days
VIP 6₦20,000₦4,999.215 days
VIP 7₦30,000₦7,50015 days
VIP 8₦40,000₦9,998.415 days
VIP 9₦60,000₦15,00015 days
VIP 10₦80,000₦19,999.215 days
VIP 11₦100,000₦24,998.415 days
VIP 12₦150,000₦37,50015 days
VIP 13₦200,000₦49,999.215 days
VIP 14₦300,000₦75,00015 days


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How To Make Money Via Referrals / Team Bonus

Another avenue you can use to make a lot of money on is through its referral program. Sonik offers a reliable and profitable referral program that allows you earn money anytime you refer people to join the platform. When you refer someone to join and the person invest in any of the investment plans, you automatically earn 20% referral bonus. Also if its a 2nd or 3rd level referral, you earn 2% of the investment amount.

Is Legit

Based on our comprehensive review based on how works and user’s experiences, we can conclude that this platform is a scam and a ponzi scheme. The platform has no real business, but its just a website operated by anonymous scammers to decieve users into the ponzi schemes. Currenntly, there are no real withdrawal proof, and also the scammers might initially pay users at the beginning to make it look as if they are real, but after some time, they would stop paying and vanish with everyone’s money. SO invest wisely so as not to become victimes of fraudsters and scammers.

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